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We stand for age and youth working together to make the world a place where the young can look forward to growing old. We believe all people are entitled to certain fundamental rights:

* Meaningful employment.
* A country free from racism.
* Economic security.
* Decent and affordable housing and healthcare
* A world in peace.
* A life of dignity from birth to death, free from fear and abuse.

We are:

* Progressive.
* Environmentalist.
* Anti-racist.
* Anti-war.

We advocate, organize, and endorse positions and actions for peace and social justice, universal health care, electoral reform, non-privatization of public resources, civil rights, human rights, and civil liberties.

We initiated the call for HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY in the SF Bay Area in 2005.

We call for the repeal of the entire 2003 Medicare Modernization Act as well as the Medicare Drug Program, and call for universal, single-payer, single-tier healthcare as the solution to Medicare's problems.

We propose a human rights ammendment to the California constitution, to encourage respect and observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We demonstrated with GreenAction and other groups fighting environmental racism to close the PG&E power plant in Hunters Point.

We protested the special registration of immigrants after 9-11, and have demonstrated for immigrants rights and against government raids and other harrassment of immigrants.

We have demonstrated against the Patriot Act and other laws being advanced as part pf a developing police state.

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NY City Gray Panther Roger Sanjek's
new book "Gray Panthers"

"Roger Sanjek examines Gray Panther activism over four decades. Here the inner workings and dynamics of the movement emerge: the development of network leadership, local projects and tactics, conflict with the national office, and the intergenerational political ties that made the group unique among contemporary activist groups. Part ethnography, part history, part memoir, Gray Panthers draws on archives and interviews as well as the author's thirty years of personal involvement. With the impending retirement of the Baby Boomers, Sanjek's book will surely inform the debates and discussions to follow: on retirement, health care, and many other aspects of aging in a society that has long valued youth above all." (Amazon)

Read Z Magazine review of the book.

Browse Sanjek's "Gray Panthers" on-line.

Read about Gray Panthers history from the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture

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We are re-locating after 25 years at our old location.
Our new location is:

Gray Panthers of San Francisco  
2940 16th St,  Room 200-3,  
San Francisco CA 94103
Phone: 415-552-8800

Location: 16th St between Capp & S. Van Ness, See a map
In San Francisco's Mission District. We are wheelchair-accessible.

Surface transit: These buses stop within 2 blocks of the office:
MUNI buses: 12, 14, 14L, 49, 22, and 33

(You can click on these links to get route maps and departure times.)
See map of area with bus stops

Underground transit: 16th St. BART is one block away.



Parking is is not easy in the area and public transportation is encouraged. A garage is located at 16th St. and Hoff, four blocks away. Real-time information on parking in the area is available here.