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Once again, many thanks to Adrienne Fong and Occupy SF for many of these events.

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The Maggie Kuhn celebration was great!!  
Some links are here, and here.  A film of Carroll Estes' talk is coming!


See Close the Camps, below

Important Gray Panther and Other Events

What's New: Gray Panthers

-  opposes Weiner/Breed/Mandelman Conservatorship of homeless people
,  and
-  supports Prop 13 reform 

FLASH: CARA, the California Alliance for Retired Americans supports HR-3222, which blocks use of federal funds to implement Trump's new "Public Charge" rule that would disqualify many categories of immigrants from green cards or visas if the Department of Homeland Security decides they are likely to use Medicaid, Food Stamps, or Section 8 housing in the future.  26 million immigrants who are legally here would be penalized for using services they are legally entitled to.  Seniors, people with disabilities, people with medical conditions, and people with low income, skills, education, or English skills, predominantly people of color, would receive "negative" or even "highly negative" assessments in DHS's evaluation.  Read CARA's support letter.  Read more about Public Charge.   See the bill and its sponsors..

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NEW: Please sign the Healthy California Now petition to the Governor demanding Single-Payer / Medicare-for-All healthcare in California.  

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NEW: Sat. Sept 14, 10:30 AM, Film, The Power to Heal, how, in implementing Medicare, the federal government virtually ended the practice of racially segregating patients, doctors, medical staffs, blood supplies and linens.  Before Medicare, less than half the nation's hospitals served black and white patients equally, and in the South, 1/3 of hospitals would not admit African-Americans even for emergencies. Free.   Read more on this movie showing.   Read more about the movie.   Location: Rialto Cinemas, El Cerrito, 10070 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrrito.  See map.

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NEW: Thurs, Sept 19, 9:45 AM, Grassroots Town Hall on Long-Term Care and Support affordability.  The California Aging and Disability Alliance (CADA) is proposing a subsidy for middle-income seniors or people with disabilities needing long-term care and support. Hear more about the plan and how to realize it.  Location: Koret Auditorium, Main SF Library, 100 Larkin. Read more about CADA and this event.

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NEW: Fri, Sept 20, 1:30-3:30 PM, Townhall on the California Master Plan on Aging. Location: Hyatt Regency Embarcadero – main floor ballroom. Read more and get registration information (to be posted after August 15).

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NEW: Sat, Sept 21, 2-4:30 PM, Alex and Harriet Bagwell sing Paul Robeson songs and talk about his importance.  Location: Park Branch Library, 1833 Page St, in SF's Haight.  See poster of event.

More Complete Listings (underlined events are featured above):

Sun Sept 8: Join Sunday Stroll to Save Alta Bates Hospital     

Mon, Sept 9: Special Hearing on Impact of Border Crisis on SF    

Mon, Sept 9: Town Hall on Meth Use in LGBTQ Community    

Tues, Sept 10: Senior & Disability Action Health Action Team Meeting   

Tues, Sept 10: Speak Your Mind in a Paid Survey    

Wed, Sept 11: JVP Bay Area, Conversation with Rebecca Vilkomerson    

Thurs, Sept 12: Stop City College Class Cuts & Administrator Pay Hikes    

Thurs, Sept 12: Senior & Disability Action General Meeting   

Thurs, Sept 12: CARA SF CAT Meeting   

Thurs, Sept 12: One Job Should Be Enough, Airport Action    

Thurs, Sept 12: Coalition on Homelessness Art Auction    

Thurs, Sept 12: Legalize E-Cigarettes in SF?    

Fri, Sept 13: ICE-Contractor Palantir: Never Again Is Now!    

Fri, Sept 13: Defund Hate Day of Action    

Sat, Sept 14: Film, The Power to Heal, Medicare Combatted Medical Segregation     

Sat, Sept 14: 8th Annual Grayson LGBT Elder Life Conference    

Sat, Sept 14: Hong Kong: Worker Protests? Imperialist Meddling?    

Sun, Sept 15: Close the Camps and Report-Back from the Border    

Sun, Sept 15: SF Living Wage Coalition, A New Grito for Change    

Sun, Sept 15: Alternatives to Policing (5) Verbal DeEscalation    

Sun, Sept 15: Close the Camps Choir    

Mon, Sept 16: Free the Children, Close the Camps Day of Action   

Mon, Sept 16: SF Hep C Research Forum    

Mon, Sept 16: NLG-SF Legal Observer Training    

Tues, Sept 17: SF Gray Panthers, Past & Future    

Tues, Sept 17: Protect Bayview/HP Residents, Not Lennar    

Tues, Sept 17: Building Solidarity with People's Movement in Mexico    

Wed, Sept 18: Fighting the Surveillance State in Age of Trump    

Thurs, Sept 19: Stop the City College Class Cuts, Come to Budget Meeting    

Thurs, Sept 19: Grassroots Town Hall on Affordable Long-Term Support & Care   

Thurs, Sept 19: Housing Rights Committee Celebration/Fundraiser   

Thurs, Sept 19: Interfaith Action to Close the Camps        

Thurs, Sept 19: Stop the Sweeps, W. Oakland to the W. Bank    

Fri, Sept 20: Town Hall on California Master Plan on Aging    

Fri, Sept 20: SF Youth & Allies Climate Strike   

Fri, Sept 20: Stop at AmazonGo on Climate Strike March    

Fri, Sept 20: Film, Say Her Name, Life and Death of Sandra Bland    

Fri, Sept 20: Film, Big Charity, The Dealth of America's Oldest Hospital    

Sat, Sept 21: Whole Foods, Supporting Family Separation & Detention   

Sat, Sept 21: Alex & Harriet Bagwell Sing Paul Robeson Songs    

Sat, Sept 21: Clarion Alley Mural Protection Vigil    

Sat, Sept 21: Where is Home, Oakland Black Residents    

Sat, Sept 21: Out of Darkness Community Walk   

Sun, Sept 22: UU Breakfast Forum: Climate Strike    

Sun, Sept 22: El Tecolote, A Retrospective    

Mon, Sept 23: Swarming for the Global Climate Strikes    

Tues, Sept 24: March Against Veritas Rent Hikes    

Wed, Sept 25: Day-Long Strike for Climate Justice    

Wed, Sept 25: Neighborhood Corridors: Memory and Ecology   

Thurs, Sept 26: Naomi Klein, On Fire   

Thurs, Sept 26: New Book on McCarthyism vs Labor & War Hero    

Fri, Sept 27: People's Travel Advisory on Columbia    

Fri, Sept 27: Film Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock    

Sat, Sept 28: SF's November Ballot Measures    

Sat, Sept 28: Hsiti Human Rights Crisis & the Lasalin Massacre    

Tues, Oct 1: The Waiting List, Film by Tamara Perkins    

Thurs, Oct 3: SDA's 2019 Annual Celebration   

Fri, Oct 4: Film,Undeterred, Border Militarization & Community Resistance    

Sat, Oct 5: Disability Rights are Domestic Worker Rights    

Sat, Oct 5: Film, Gaza Fights for Freedom    

Mon, Oct 7: SFSU Ethnic Studies 50th Anniversary Commemoration    

Mon, Oct 7: 8-Week Workshop: Palestine-Israel 101    

Tues, Oct 8: Book Talk, Solito, Solita    

Sat, Oct 12: National Action, Close the Concentration Camps    

Tues, Oct 15: Eyewitness Testimony on Police Murder of Luis Gongora Pat    

Wed, Oct 16: Venezuela Embassy Protectors Speak    

Tues-Wed, Oct 22-23: CARA 16th Annual Convention   

Thurs, Oct 24: Israel-Palestine: What Now?   

Sat, Oct 26: 5-year Anniversary of BDS Victory: Blocking Zim Line in Oakland    

Tues, Oct 29: Planning for Death Workshop    

Sat, Nov 2: Healing Justice, Ending Mass Incarceration    

Sun, Nov 3: Real Life, Told by SF Seniors    

Wed, Nov 20: 50th Anniversary, Occupation of Alcatraz    

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