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         Gray Panthers Meeting SF Muni Cuts. Click here if image missing.

Anytime.  E-mail Police Commission, Supervisors, and Mayor: No Tasers for SF Police.    The Police Commission may be making a decision on ex-Chief Suhr's request to arm officers with tasers. See more information on tasers here.  E-mail the Police Commission at
Mon, June 20, SF City Hall Steps.  Rally at 9:30 AM, Action around Noon.  Supervisors: We Demand an SF Budget for Humanity, Not Brutality!   We need a budget that helps us stay here and that promotes racial, sexual, and economic justice and peace.  We are particularly in funding for the Support At Home Program, a subsidy to help make in-home care more affordable.   We do *not* want police funding for tasers or harassment of homeless people!   Read more about the Budget Justice Coalition.   Also support Avalos budget proposal to freeze $200 million of SF Police budget, about one-third, until reforms are made.  Read more.      Also ACCE noon rally demanding City money to buy buildings to keep families in thier homes.   Read more.  
Mon, June 20, 6 PM,  Tell MTA NO on the Mission Street Changes!    The SFMTA is finally coming to the Mission to hear concerns about the changes to Mission Street, including confusing signs and painted lanes, confused driveres endangering pedestrians and other drivers, and removed traffic lanes and curbside parking.   Read more.   Location: Mission Cultural Center, 2868 Mission (betw 24th & 25th Sts)
Tues, June 21, 12:30 PM, Gray Panthers General Meeting, Muni Doesn't Stop Here, on Muni's cuts in bus stops and routes. All welcome.  Location: Fireside Rm of Unitarian Center, 1187 Franklin, at Gough, 38, 47, 49 buses. (See more)
Tues, June 21, 5 PM, Federal Building, 7th St & Mission.  Anti-TPP Demonstration at Pelosi's Office: Bad Trade Deals Kill Good Jobs. See more.
Wed, June 22, Noon, Mexican Consulate at 532 Folsom (betw 1st & 2nd Sts),  Demonstration Against Police Repression of Mexican Teachers Strike. The three major demands: 1) Stop immediately the killing (at least 8 people have been killed in Oaxaca and more than 35 wounded), 2) release the jailed leaders of the CNTE Union, and 3) stop the lethal attacks and brutal repression against the striking teachers and their supporters. 
Wed, June 22, 1 PM, Gray Panthers Newsletter Committee Meeting #2. Gray Panthers office, 2940 16th St. (corner of Capp St, by 16 St BART station), 2nd Floor, Rm 200-3.   16th St BART. More info on location.

Wed, June 22, 5:30 PM, City Hall Rm 400.  SF Police Commission vote on new Use-of-Force policies, *without Tasers* which will be acted on later, or possibly not at all.  This vote will be on Version 1 (POA favors) or Version 2 (more safeguards).  Read Coalition on Homelessness analysis of the differences and importance.  Meeting Agenda.

Wed, June 22: 6-7 PM, Mission Police Station, 17th/Valencia Sts,  Amilcar Perez: Time To Strategize.  the DA's decision on charging police who murdered Amilcar is long overdue, but in the meantime, police broke their own rules by tampering with the crime scene. Should we act on this now?
Thurs, June 23, 3 PM,  SDA Safe Streets for Seniors and People with Disabilities Town Hall #2,  111 Buchanan St, at Golden Gate.   (See poster for similar event.)

Fri, June 24, 6 PM, Bayview Police Station, Demonstration Against Police Murder of Jessica Nelson Williams.  201 Williams St. (Corner of Newhall) 4 blocks from Williams Ave Metro K-T stop.   Facebook Page on event.

Sat, June 25, 10 AM,  OWL-SF Presentation Women and MoneyTopics: Feminization of Poverty, Conscientious Investing, Finding Help in Managing Finances.
Sat, June 25, 2-4 PM,  A Roof Over My Head, A Musical about the SF Housing Crisis, with Tommi Avicolli Mecca and Alison C. Wright.  A reading, with live music, of their original musical that looks at the San Francisco housing crisis from the perspective of a group of tenants whose new "flip-happy" speculator-landlord is desperate to get them out and reap his outrageous profits. Musicians include Chandra Redack and Ken Schoon. Location: Safehouse Arts at 1 Grove near Market (across from the library).   Read more.
Sun, June 26, 7AM, West Oakland BART.  Bay Area Carpool to Sacramento to shut down Nazi-KKK-Skinhead rally at State Capitol.  More info.
Mon, June 27, 11:30 AM, Gray Panthers Book Club.   Celtic Café, 142 McAllister, betw Hyde & Leavenworth. Please call 415-931-1126 to confirm.

Mon, June 27. 6 PM, Vigil for Iris Canada, 99-year old Widow being evicted.  The judge upheld her right to stay but awarded the landlord $100,000 in court costs, which she cannot begin to pay. Vigil is to pressure landlord to relinquish the claim. June 27 is sponsored by SDA, and is the kick-off of several days of actions by various groups.

Tues, June 28, Noon,  Let's Make SF City College Free Again!   Noon Rally followed by visits to SF Supervisors.  Read Examiner article on Kim Proposal for aid for tuition, books, transportation, and childcare.  Read more about the proposal and today's action.
Thurs, June 30, 3 PM,  SDA Safe Streets for Seniors and People with Disabilities Town Hall #3, 1751 Carroll Ave (at 3rd St.).   (See poster for similar event.)
Sat, July 2 - Sun, July 31: Laborfest.   Complete Schedule

Other Important Events

Sun, June 19: Roots in Resilience Film Festival   
Mon, June 20: Black Lives Matter and LGBTOI Community   
Tues, June 21: Anti-TPP Demonstration at Pelosi's Office   
Wed, June 22: Film Showing to Benefit Anti-Klan Action in Sacramento   
Wed, June 22: Modern Times: Ebola Breakout in West Africa   
Thurs, June 23: Frisdo5 Member Sellassie: Concert and Show   
Fri, June 24: Party Against the Prison Industrial Complex   
Sat, June 25: Strike Debt Bay Area Meeting   
Sat, June 25: Rally: No Coal Terminal in Oakland   
Sun, June 26: Shut Down Nazi/Klan Rally in Sacramento Today   
Sun, June 26: SF Pride March, Black Lives Matter as Grand Marshall   
Sun, June 26: SF Pride March, Chelsea Manning Contingent   
Sun, June 26: Forum: US Threat to Latin American Independence  
Thurs, June 27: Modern Times: Ryan Dearinger, The Filth of Progress   
Tues, June 28: BDS in San Francisco for Palestinian Christians   
Thurs, June 30: Of Poetry and Protest: From Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin   
Sat, July 2: Laborfest: ILWU Resistance to Japanese Internment   
Sun, July 3: Black Hollywood Unchained: Book and Panel Discussion   
Sun, July 10: Movie Showing: The Babushkas of Chernobyl   
Fri, July 15: SF Living Wage Award Dinner   
Fri, July 22: Lessons of the 1916 Frame-Up of Tom Mooney/Warren Billings   
Wed, July 29: Green Apple Books, Invisible Man, A Young Black Man's Education   
Sat, Aug 13: Helen Caldicott: Nuclear Weapons, Can They Be Abolished?  
Thurs, Sept 8: CARA Candidate & Town Hall Forum on Senior Issues   |
Sat, Sept 16: Legacy Film Festival on Aging   

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