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Once again, many thanks to Adrienne Fong and Occupy SF for many of these events.

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Important Gray Panther and Other Events
Sat, Dec 16, 12 Noon,  March FOR Sanctuary Cities (Counter-demonstration to alt-right March Against Sanctuary Cities).   Supported by over two dozen community groups. Assemble, Union Square opposite Westin St. Francis, 12 Noon.  Begin march 1 PM. Finish march at Civic Center Plaza 3 PM.   Facebook page.

This week:  Stop the Tax Scam, a plan of $1.5 Trillion in tax breaks for corporations and the super-rich, to be financed by gutting Medicare, Medicaid/Medi-Cal, and Social Security, and taking away their guaranteed benefits.  Medicare would become cut-rate private insurance. Medicaid/Medi-Cal would be cut and frozen no matter what happens.  Social Security would become individual stock market accounts where you could lose everything.

Call Calif GOP Representatives via toll-free switchboard 877-762-8762:  La Malpha (ZIP  95602);   McClintock (ZIP 95661);   Denham (ZIP 95356);   Nunes (ZIP 93291);   Valadao (ZIP 93301);   McCarthy (ZIP 93309);   Knight (ZIP 91350);   Cook (ZIP 92307);   Walters (ZIP 92612);   Royce (ZIP 92821);   Rohrbacher (ZIP 92648);   Calvert (ZIP 92882);   Issa (ZIP 92081);   Hunter (ZIP 92020)

Wed, Dec 20, 10 AM,   Statewide Day of Action, Clean DREAM Act Now!   Congressional and Senate Democrats have abandoned the immigrant community by not shutting down the government if no Clean DREAM Act bill is included in the House spending bill being negotiated.   Democrats are deliberately doing the least amount possible to remove DACA youth from harm’s way along with the immigrant community at large.   Assemble at Feinstein's office, corner of Post, Market, and Montgomery.  Sponsored by Bay Resistance and others. See Facebook page for event.
Tues, Jan 9. SB-562 Sacramento Day of Action POSTPONED. The Select Committee on Health Care is going to focus their next meeting on Single Payer and SB 562 (thanks to all of our pressure and organizing), which is supposed to be in Sacramento in January. So we want to save our energy and resources to make that a huge event. We will keep you posted.
January 9th, 2018 is the first meeting of the Calif Assembly Health Committee, which would be hearing and improving SB 562, California’s single-payer healthcare bill, if Assembly Speaker Rendon were not refusing to let the bill be heard, to save himself, the Governor, and business Democrats from having to commit on the bill, one way or the other. As the corporate austerity-hawks in DC move toward Tax-Scam, we need this more than ever.     Come to Sacramento Tues, January 9, and hit all 80 Assembly members demanding SB 562 be heard by the Health Committee! Buses from SF & Richmond; Oakland & Berkeley; San Jose & Walnut Creek; Fresno & Modesto & Stockton See link to schedule below. (It’s early! Get your coffeepot ready the night before. PJ’s not encouraged.)    Bus info and sign-up.    Facebook page for event.   
Fri, Jan 26, 6:30 PM,  California Governor Candidates' Debate,   Location: City College Phelan Campus, Diego Rivera Theater, 50 Phelan Ave, SF.   Save the Date!  Join Seniors, People with Disabilities, and Domestic Workers who care for them, to demand Universal Long-Term Services and Support for all who need it in California.
Free City College Encore Learning Classes for older adults are starting soon. All are welcome to join any time during the series.  Series include Encore Career Search Strategies,  Brain Fitness, Creative Ways To Tell Your Life Story, and Healthier Living More information at 415-931-8679.
Join Bay Resistance against attacks on people of color, immigrants, Muslims, women, non-traditional genders, workers, education, health, climate and other endangered groups or issues.  Sign up for email and text alert of activities:  For more information or to receive email alerts, click here, and/or to receive text alerts, text RESIST to 41411.  Join the ICE Response team supporting immigrant communities against immigration raids, click  here.

More Complete Listings

Sat, Dec 16: Free Citizen Workshop   
Sat, Dec 16: Signature Gathering: No Eviction Without Representation   
Sat, Dec 16: Queer Solidarity: March for Sanctuary Cities, Against Fascism   
Sat, Dec 16: CISPES End-of-Year Celebration   
Sat, Dec 16: Workshop: Decolonizing the Psyche   

Sun, Dec 17: UUSF Forum, Ricardo Ortiz: Update on Puerto Rico   
Sun, Dec 17: Single Payer Now Outreach in the Inner Sunset   
Sun, Dec 17: Communist China, Cultural Revolution, & China Today   
Sun, Dec 17: 2017: Year of Outrage   
Sun, Dec 17: Liberated Lens Movie: Sir No Sir!   
Sun, Dec 17: Donation Drive for Needed Items for Puerto Rico   
Sun, Dec 17: Workplace Organizing 102   
Sun, Dec 17: Int'l Day to End Violence against Women   
Sun, Dec 17: Change the Tune-Defeat Capitalism/White Supremacy   
Sun, Dec 17: What About Islam, Ahmed Salah   
Tues, Dec 19: Critical Resistance Prisoner Solidarity Postcard Mailing   
Tues, Dec 19: Deport ICE: Resolution Ending Oakland PD Cooperation   
Wed, Dec 20: All Out for a Clean DREAM Act Now   
Wed, Dec 20: SF Living Wage Coalition Meeting   
Thurs, Dec 21: Annual Homeless Persons Memorial   
Sat, Dec 23: Anti-Slavery March: Justice for Libya   

Tues, Jan 9: SB-562 Day of Action in Sacramento   
Fri, Jan 19: On Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome   
Sat, Jan 2-: SF Women's March   

Wed, Jan 17: ANSWER Films: Salt of the Earth   
Fri, Jan 19: Discussion on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome   
Sat, Jan 20: Oakland Women's March   
Sat, Jan 20: Labor Notes Fundraiser and Party   

Wed, Jan 24: SF Retirement Board Vote Fossil Fuel Divestment   
Thurs, Jan 25: March for Mission Street   
Thurs, Jan 25: SF Public Press Workshop on Homelessness   
Fri, Jan 26: Discussion on Digital Surveillance   

Wed, Jan 31: Night of Music, Poetry for Street Sheet   
Wed, Jan 31: So You Want to Talk About Race?   

Thurs, Mar 8: 650 Divis. Hearing: Not Enough Affordable Housing   

Sat, Apr 14: March for Our Health   

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