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Important Gray Panther and Other Events
Join Bay Resistance against attacks on people of color, immigrants, Muslims, non-traditional genders, workers, education, health, climate and other endangered groups or issues.  Sign up for email and text alert of activities:  For more information or to receive email alerts, click here, and/or to receive text alerts, text RESIST to 41411.  Join the ICE Response team supporting immigrant communities against immigration raids, click here.
Wednesdays, Feb 8, 15, 22, 29, 10 AM - 2 PM,  Senior & Disability University presents "Medicare and Medicaid! The Fight, the Struggle, the Issues, & the Effect It Has on All of Us." Free, open to all, the classes cover the issues, and community organizing skills to advocate to protect, improve, and expand these programs.  Read more.
Sun, Feb 19, 3-6 PM: March on Feinstein & Pelosi Mansions.  People's Town Hall Project's assemblies and town hall speakouts at Feinstein's mansion and then at Pelosi's mansion.  Read more.  Assemble 3 PM at 2470 Lyon Street, at the corner of Vallejo. Map  
Mon, Feb 20, Noon,  SF United Against Trump Not-My-President's Day.  Read more. Location: Justin Herman Plaza, foot of Market St.
Tues, Feb 21, 11:30 AM,  Alameda County Sheriff Ahern, Stop Cooperating with ICE and Deporting Our Brothers and Sisters!   Bay Resistance and many other groups are targeting the Alameda County Sherff's cooperation with ICE (Immigration Control & Enforcement).  Read more.   Location: at 11:30 AM, gather at Oakland Federal Building, 1301 Clay (at 14th St, in Downtown Oakland, 12th St. BART, map), then march 1/2 mile to Alameda Sherriff's Dept (505 6th St, at Clay, map).  
Tues, Feb 21, 1 PM,  Gray Panthers monthly meeting,  Dr Ray Tomkins, What Lennar and the Navy Are Doing at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.  Read more.  Location: Fireside Room, Unitarian Center, 1187 Franklin St (at Geary, 38 bus.)
Wed, Feb 22,  11AM,  State Capitol Bldg, Sacramento:   Introducing SB 562, the Healthy California Act, providing universal coverage, no deductibles, co-pays, real patient choice, comprehensive benefits.  Read more.  Very limited bus space from SF and Berkeley, to register click here or email SGonzalez@CalNurses.Org.  SF bus: 7:45 AM at Grove & Polk.  Berkeley bus: 8:30 AM at Ashby & Adeline.
Wed, Feb 22, 6 PM,   Let 100-year-old Iris Canada Back Into Her Home for Fifty Years!  We will demand justice from landlords and TIC owners who forced out our black elder for profit - they wish to condo convert the building to inflate the value of their private units, all of which were once rent-controlled apartments.  Read more.    Location: Iris Canada's home, 670 Page (betw Seiner & Fillmore, map )
Sat, Mar 4, 1:30-5:30 PM,  Bay Resistance Mass Meeting and Trainings on Resistance to Immigration Enforcement.  Location and other specifics being worked out.  See more.

News: SF Sheriff Hennessy Evicts 100-year-old Black Woman, Iris Canada From Home of 50 years.   48 Hills, SF Chron,  Facebook updates,  Videos: Sit-in in response to her eviction,  The Sept 22, 2016 National Tenants Day of Action Demonstration at Her House,  Class Warfare in North Beach, Eviction = Death,  Apple Bus Blockaded in Protest of Tech-Driven Displacement.

Links on Luis Gangora Pat, killed by SFPD 4-7-2016
Response to false SF Chronicle article   
SF City Attorney Upholds Police Killing   
Other Links
Take action, proposed law charges protesters with terrorism   

More Complete Listing

Sat, Feb 18: SF United Against Trump Organizing Meeting   
Sat, Feb 18: Black Lives Matter!  No Trump Agenda in Oakland   
Sat, Feb 18: Film Screening: Dogtown Redemption   
Sat, Feb 18: Other Cinema: Standing Rock & Oiltowns   

Sun, Feb 19: UU Center Human Rights, There Is No Hatred Here   
Sun, Feb 19: Executive Order 9066 Film, Fragile Freedoms   
Sun, Feb 19: Executive Order 9066, The Long March for Justice   
Sun, Feb 19:David Billings, The Persistence of White Supremacy   
Mon, Feb 20: SF United Against Trump Not My President's Day - SF   
Tues, Feb 21: Islamophobia in 2017: What Can We Do?   
Tues, Feb 21: Bay Resistance, Sheriff Ahern, No More Deportations!   
Tues, Feb 21: Dr Ray Tomkins, Lennar & the Navy at Hunters Point Shipyard   
Tues, Feb 21: USF Event: Sanctuary as Love of Neighbor   
Tues, Feb 21: Faith Communties Plan for Immigrant Support   
Tues, Feb 21: Using Props 47 and 64 to Further Justice   
Wed, Feb 22: Introduction of SB 562, Universal Health Care, in Sacramento   
Wed, Feb 22: SDA University: Fighting for Medicare & Medicaid   
Wed, Feb 22: Public Defenders Community Forum: Resisting Mass Deportation   
Wed, Feb 22; Richard Wolff, Lucid Economics, Caustic Wit   
Thurs, Feb 23: Planning Commission, Market-Rate Housing, 1900 Mission   
Thurs, Feb 23: Justice for Yuvette Henderson, Murdered by Emeryville Police   
Thurs, Feb 23: Executive Order 9066   
Thurs, Feb 23: Training: Solidarity During Immigration Raids, Rapid Response Net   
Wed, Feb 23: Norman Solomon, Where Do We Go from Here?   
Wed, Feb 23: Green Arcade, Shareholder Power   
Sat, Feb 25: OWL-SF Meeting, Coming    Together, Broadening Our Base   
Sat, Feb 25: Black History Month Film and Discussion, 13th   
Sat, Feb 25: Black History Month Films at ATA, Attica, Lucy Parsons, & more   

Sun, Feb 26: Oakland Solidarity Rally with Arizona LA   
Wed, Feb 29: SDA University: Fighting for Medicare & Medicaid   
Wed, Mar 1: SF Berniecrats Meeting   
Wed, Mar 1: City Lights, L.A. Kauffman on Direct Action   
Sat, Mar 4: Intnl Women's Month Films at the ATA   

Sun, Mar 5: US Labor Against the War Program and Fundraiser   
Thurs, Mar 9, Senior & Disability Action General Meeting   
Thurs, Mar 9, CARA SF CAT Meeting   
Sat, Mar 11: Int'l Working Women's Day Celebration   
Sat, Mar 11: Universal Healthcare Film: Now Is the Time   
Sat-Sun, Mar 11-12: Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism Conference   

Tues, Mar 14: Health Action Team Meeting   
Wed, Mar 15: SDA Housing Collaborative Meeting   
Wed, Mar 15: SF Living Wage Coalition Meeting   
Wed, Mar 15: City Lights, Logic, on Technology and Society   
Fri, Mar 17: People Have Successfully Fought the US Capital and Empire   

Sun, Mar 19: Screening: The Chinese Exclusion Act   
Tues, Mar 21: SF Gray Panthers Monthly Meeting   
Tues, Mar 21: Supervisors, Uphold EIR Appeal on Giant Luxury Mission Project   
Wed, Mar 22: Coalition on Homelessness Homelessness 101 Workshop   
Sat, Mar 25: OWL-SF Meeting   

Sat, Apr 8: ATA and Other Cinema, Emma Goldman   

Sat, Apr 15: SF Tax March   

Sat, Apr 22: SF Earth Day 2017   
Sat, Apr 22: Native Nations: Inaate/Se—It Shines A Certain Way + Gomez-Pena +   

Wed, May 3: Shaping SF Public Talk: California and SF Class War   

Mon, May 15: Immigrant Day 2017 in Sacramento   

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