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Important Gray Panther and Other Events

What's New: Gray Panthers

-  opposes Weiner/Breed proposed Conservatorship of homeless people
,  and
-  supports Prop 13 reform 

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NEW: Please sign the Healthy California Now petition to the Governor demanding Single-Payer / Medicare-for-All healthcare in California.  

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FLASH: Monday, May 20 at 10 AM. The SF Supervisors Rules Committee will hear implementing SB-1045 conservatorship in San Francisco.  Rules Committee members are wary over SB-1045, so they put off decision to send it to the full Board until their May 20 meeting. They're coming under strong pressure from Mayor Breed and the pro-gentrification forces to approve, so it's important to have a big turnout on May 20.  See Facebook page for hearing. Call and/or email Rules Committee members Ronan, Mar, and Walton to say No to expanded conservatorship in San Francisco. (See call script, phone numbers, and email addresses.)

Background: SF Supervisors are considering implementing SB-1045, a conservatorship program for involuntary detention and treatment of homeless people with mental and substance abuse problems and frequent police-initiated 5150 3-day psych holds. San Francisco passed Prop C to supply real supportive housing and mental health services for all who need them. Let's do that before talking about detaining the homeless.    Read more about the issue here and here.  Read 48 Hills on this. Persons concerned with potential public health threats of this ordinance can sign a petition of opposition here.

 Read new Truthout article on SB 1045 conservatorship and nationwide drive to strip homeless people of their autonomy.   Read the SF Weekly article Mental Health, Homelessness, and Civil Rights: SF's Crisis of Conscience.   Read more about 5150 psych holds and how they relate to SB 1045 conservatorship.   Read SF Examiner on how Sen. Wiener's housing bill (SB50) and his conservatorship bill (SB40) work together to attack poor SF residents.  SF Examiner piece shows how Wiener's conservatorship plan and his housing plan work together to gentrify the City and attack the resulting homeless people.  

NEW: Now Sen Weiner is sponsoring new State legislation, SB-40, to remove the very same SB1045 protective clauses that its proponents say make it safe for San Francisco!  Read more here.   Read SEIU-California's Letter of Opposition to SB40, with great references on why forced mental health and substance abuse treatment does not work.

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NEW: Wed, May 22, 1-3 PM: SF Supervisors Budget Committee Hearing on SF Jails. Divest from Policing and Jails.  We spent a year investigating ways of reducing incarceration so another jail wouldn't be needed when the unsafe 850 Bryant is torn down.  Why are we hearing talk of un-mothballing San Bruno, or worse yet, sending prisoners, largely people of color, mentally ill, or homeless, to dangerous Santa Rita jail in Alameda County?  See Facebook page for event.  SF Examiner piece on youth imprisoned at 850 Bryant.

More Complete Listings (underlined events are featured above):

Thurs & Fri, May 16 & 17: Conference, Beyond Coercive Treatment   

Fri, May 17: Bay Resistance Campaign Happy Hour   

Fri, May 17: Closures to Some Schools Are Cuts to All   

Sat, May 18: Inaugural Immigrant Day Parade   

Sat, May 18: COH Bocce 2019 Fundraiser   

Sun, May 19: Why Criticizing Israel is Not Anti-Semitic   

Sun, May 19: Alternatives to Policing: Deep Culture   

Sun, May 19: Alternatives to Policing: Who Keeps Us Safe?   

Mon, May 20: Bail Hearing for Kevin Epps   

Mon, May 20: Tell SF Supes, No Conservatorship for Homeless   

Mon, May 20: Oakland Public Equity Budget Workshop: Public Safety   

Mon, May 20: Untangling the US-China Narrative   

Tues, May 21: SF Gray Panther Meeting, Insurgency in Education   

Tues, May 21: Oakland Unite, Audit Sheriff Ahern   

Tues, May 21: White Night March Against Police Violence   

Tues, May 21: NARAL Meeting on Abortion Bans   

Wed, May 22: SF Supes Budget Committee: Divest from Policing & Jails   

Wed, May 22: Sacramento, Fund Our Public Schools Now   

Thurs May 23: Disability & Aging Capital Action Day   

Thurs, May 23: Rehabilitation, Not Incarceration   

Thurs, May 23: History of SF's 1934 General Strike   

Thurs, May 23: Fighting Back, Unions, Workers, & Queers   

Thurs, May 23: 50 Years Solidarity with Cuba   

Fri, May 24: Abortion Bans & the Fight for Reproductive Justice   

Sat, May 25: OWL Meeting: Options for Community Housing in SF   

Sat, May 25: Oakdale Love Day Basketball Tournament   

Sat, May 25: Tenants Deliver a Demand Letter to Landlord   

Sat, May 25: Olympics In Fukushima? Are You Insane?   

Wed, May 29: Eyewitness Venezuela   

Wed, May 29: Americans in the Spanish Civil War   

Thurs, May 30: People-Planned 16th/Mission Plaza   

Sat, June 1: Visionary Organizing Strategies   

Mon, June 3: Bill Fletcher, Building a Working-Class Movement   

Wed, June 12: Emergency Action, No Extradition of Assange   

Tues, June 18: All Our Trials,Talk by the Author   

Wed, June 19: Film Priced Out, Why You Can't Afford a Place in the City   

Wed, June 26: Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine ...   

Sun, June 30: Pride Parade with SF Labor Council   

Thurs, Sept 19: Housing Rights Committee Celebration/Fundraiser   

Thurs, Oct 3: SDA's 2019 Annual Celebration   

Tues-Wed, Oct 22-23: CARA 16th Annual Convention   

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