We've relocated our office to the Redstone Building in the Mission District. Location Information.  
See pictures from our December Holiday Party.
Sat, June 27, 10 AM: What's the Latest on Medicare and Social Security
Mon, June 29, 11:30 AM, Gray Panthers Book Club, 142 McAllister (betw Hyde & Leavenworth)
                           (Please call 415-931-1126 to confirm dates for Book Club.)
Wed, July 1, 1 PM: Gray Panthers Board Meeting, Members Welcome, Stong Rm, Main Library
Thurs, July 2, Noon: Gray Panthers Newsletter Meeting, GP Office, 2940 16th St. Rm 200-3

Other Important Events

Month of July: LaborFest Schedule      
Mondays-Thursdays: Senior & Disability Action's Computer Labs open         
Wed, June 24: Eat a Pizza and Help Senior & Disability Action       
Sat, June 27: GP/OWL-SF Program: What's the Latest on Medicare and Social Security?      
Sun, June 28: LGBT Pride Parade      
Tues, June 30: Call-In to Stop the Evicition of Theresa and Silvio, Evictions Kill!          
Tues, June 30: Call-In to Stop an Eviction at 705 Hampshire       
Wed, July 1: ADA's 25th Birthday Observance at SF City Hall       
Fri, July 3: Stop Electricity Rate Increases for Those Who Conserve      
Fri-Sun, July 3-5, 1:30 PM: Freedomland, SF Mime Troupe in Dolores Park    
Wed, July 8: Health Action Team (HAT) Meeting       
Wed, July 8: Laborfest: May Day 2015 Port Shutdown in Protest of Police Terror    
Thurs, July 9: Senior and Disability Action General Meeting      
Thurs, July 9: CARA SF CAT Meeting       
Thurs, July 9: Race, Class, and Immigration in the Struggle for Healthcare Justice     
Fri, July 10: Capitalism, Policing, & the Role of State Violence        
Sat, July 11: Stop Deadily Oil Trains in Richmond       
Wed, July 15: Senior & Disability Action Housing Collaborative Meeting     
Wed, July 15: San Francisco Living Wage Coalition Meeting     
Fri, July 17: Laborfest: SF Living Wage Coalition Awards Dinner           
Sat, July 25: Laborfest: Charter Schools, Unions & Public Workers       
Wed, July 29: Housing, Tenants, Non-Profits, Privatization & Labor    
Thurs, July 30: Giant Event: Medicare Turns 50: Protect it! - Improve it! - Expand it to Everyone!    
Thurs, July 30: Laborfest: Mexico, NAFTA & Labor      
Labor Day Weekend: Planned Actions      
Sat, Aug 15: Berkeley Protest Festival        
Thurs, Sept 10: No Beast on Bryant!  The Mission Takes On the Planning Commission        
Thurs, Sept 10: Senior & Disability Action Annual Celebration       
Sat, Sept 25: Howard Grayson LGBT Elder Life Conference      

Please send notices of similar SAN FRANCISCO events to mlyon01@comcast.net with "CALENDAR" in subject line. Please also post your events on the Indybay Calendar.    

Mondays to

Senior & Disability Action's Open Computer Lab and Computer Classes.
Computer Lab hours are: 9AM to 4 PM, for people to practice their skills or do their work.
Call Pi Ra at 415-546-2096 for Computer Class Hours.
Read a description (but not location) of SDA's computer training here.   
Actual Location: SDA's office, 1360 Mission St, Room 400.
(Betw 9th-10th Sts, map, # 14, 6, 9, 21 buses)        (back to top)


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Gray Panthers of San Francisco  
2940 16th St,  Room 200-3,  
San Francisco CA 94103
Phone: 415-552-8800
e-mail: graypanther-sf@sonic.net
web: http://graypantherssf.igc.org/

Location: 16th St between Capp & S. Van Ness, See a map
In San Francisco's Mission District. We are wheelchair-accessible.