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Important Gray Panther and Other Events
Join Bay Resistance against attacks on people of color, immigrants, Muslims, women, non-traditional genders, workers, education, health, climate and other endangered groups or issues.  Sign up for email and text alert of activities:  For more information or to receive email alerts, click here, and/or to receive text alerts, text RESIST to 41411.  Join the ICE Response team supporting immigrant communities against immigration raids, click here.
Mon, May 15, 1:30 PM,  Supervisor's Hearing on Inclusionary Housing.   SF overwhelmingly voted for Prop C, to force developers to provide 25% affordable housing in new construction, including many for low-income people.  Sups Breed and Safai want to undermine both the total affordable housing and low-income housing requirement.  Come and say NO!  Read more.  Location: City Hall, Rm 250
Tues, May 16, 12 Noon,  SF Senior & Disability Budget Rally, SF City Hall Steps.  Speak up for housing subsidies, IHSS funding, food, case management, technology access and training, and other critical services for seniors and people with disabilities! Email Ligia or call 415-546-1333 to say you'll be there or to help.
Wed, May 24, 5-7 PM,  Outsourcing & Privatization - SF General, UCSF, & Other Public Services.  A rash of outsourcing at UCSF has captured widespread attention.  Read more.   Location Carr Auditorium, SF General Hospital, Potrero & 22nd St. 
Thurs, May 18, 6-9 PM, 251 18th Ave.  Richmond/Sunset Tenant Right Convention. More.
Fri, May 19,  Sacramento Lobby Day for California Single-Payer SB 562,  being held in advance of SB 562's hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Sponsored by California Nurses Association.  Bus leaves SF, 10:15 AM, from rom Fulton St between the Public Library and the Asian Art Museum near Civic Center. See map or Berkeley, 10:30 AM, across from the Ed Roberts Campus on Adeline St at the Ashby BART station.  See map.  Read more.    Sign up here,   or call 510-433-2765.
Sun, May 21, 3-5 PM,  How War Erodes and Destroys Democracies, Susan Griffin in conversation with Kate Raphael.   Susan Griffin is a celebrated author and Pulitzer Prize finalist. Kate Raphael is author and producer of KPFA’s Women’s Magazine.  Read more.  Location, Ed Roberts Campus on Adeline St at the Ashby BART station.  See map.
Wed, May 24, 1 PM,   Support Petra Dejesus to Remain on Police Commission. Police brutality denialists are attempting to take away the strongest, most progressive voice for police reform on the San Francisco Police Commission in favor of Ed Lee (mayor)'s hand pick.  Read more.   Location: SF City Hall
Thurs, May 25, Come to Sacramento to Advocate for Single-Payer Healthcare and Justice for SSI/SSP recipients.  Sponsored by CARA, the California Alliance for Retired Americans, the Lobby Day will involve visits to all 120 Senator and Assembly offices in the Capitol. We will press for passage of SB-562, (single-payer healthcare: equal, comprehensive, accessible healthcare for all Californians, with no insurance companies or out-of-pocket expenses, financed by existing government funds and progressive taxation.)  We will also press for passage of AB-796, (bringing incomes of SSI/SSP recipients up to poverty levels after a decade of grinding cuts to base grants and COLAs.)  Bus leaves SF at 8:00 AM from Fulton St between the Public Library and the Asian Art Museum near Civic Center. See map.   Also stops 8:30 AM in Berkeley at the Ed Roberts Campus on Adeline St at the Ashby BART station.  See map. You must call CARA at 510-663-4086 to reserve a seat.   Read letter to legislators explaining event.

Tues, June 6, 2 PM,  SF Supes to Receive the Report of the City's Work Group to Re-envision the Jail Replacement Project.   On Dec 15, 2015, after huge public pressure, the SF Supervisors refused to allocate $215 million to rebuild the SF Jail, saying the city should invest instead in diversion programs and mental health services.  SF Chronicle story.  A large "Work Group to Re-envision the Jail Replacement Project," with representatives of SF Sheriffs, SF Health Dept, and community members, was set up to determine how to spend the money. The Work Group held eight meetings over 2016, and its results will be reported to the Supes at today's meeting.   

But without waiting for the Work Group's recommendations on alternatives to incarceration, Sheriff Hennessy is applying for State money for jail renovation that will increase the number of jail beds, convert spaces to maximum security, delay the closing of unsafe 850 Bryant, and ultimately cost $200 million.  See analysis from the No New Jail Coalition.  Meanwhile, they're increasing the number of cops. Please oppose the project.  We need to stop relying on policing and jailing to solve social and economic issues.  See the No New Jail Coalition's comprehensive plan to reduce reliance on jails.

Sat, June 10, 12:30 PM,  Who Killed Parkmerced?, Nick Pasquariello's documentary politics and human impact of the destruction of garden apartments and mass evictions at Parkmerced, being shown as part of DocFest, the documentary film festival.  Location: Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St, betw Valencia & Guerrero, map.  Also Mon, June 12, 7:15 PM.  See poster for event. |   Read more about Parkmerced.
Tues, June 13, Come to Sacramento for Disability Capital Action Day ,  An annual event to share resources, learn potential policy threats, and advocate disability needs to lawmakers.    Read more.   This year's focus is on healthcare, keeping Medicaid/Medi-Cal now, and single-payer (SB 562) in the near future. See #KeepCAHealthy and #musthavemedical.  Bus leaves SF at 8:00 AM from Fulton St between the Public Library and the Asian Art Museum near Civic Center. See map.   Email Ligia or call 415-546-1333 to reserve seat and free lunch.
Wed, June 14, 10:30 AM,  SF Supes Public Safety Committee Hearing on Bail Reform.   85% of SF Jail prisoners are awaiting trial, and the vast majority are in jail because they cannot afford bail.  56% are black, over 70% are people of color. Bail needs to be based on other factors such as flight risk or public safety, not wealth or income. San Francisco has among the highest bail amounts in the state.  Read Jeff Adachi Oct 2014 SF Chronicle The waste, inequity of filling jails with those who can’t make bail .
Sun, May 14, 12-3 PM, 950 Clay, Chinatown/N-Beach Tenant Rights Convention. More.


I recommend Luring Trump into Mideast Wars is a pretty good account of how Trump's bombing of Syria was a concession he made to the main wing of the ruling class, which has been pushing for more war in the Mideast and confrontation with Russia for years.

See pictures of anti-racist fighters who blocked traffic in front of Mission Police Station in response to DA Gascon's non-indictment of SF Police who killed Amilcar Perez-Lopez. Read Civil Rights Attorney Ben Rosenfeld's analysis of Gason's decision.

Useful information from CARECEN on how to respond to ICE raids.

More Complete Listings

Mon, May 15: Watch 9th Circuit Court on Trump Travel Ban   
Mon, May 15: Immigrant Day 2017 in Sacramento   
Mon, May 15: Supes: Stop the "Affordable Housing" Giveaway to Developers   
Tues, May 16: Gray Panther Meeting, What's in SB 562?   
Tues, May 16: SF Supervisors Meet on Police Reform   
Wed, May 17: SDA Housing Collaborative Meeting   
Wed, May 17: Chelsea Manning Prison Release   
Wed, May 17: MUA -Bissap Baobab Noches de Teranga   
Thurs, May 18: Win Wage Increases for 25,000 SF Low-Wage Workers   
Thurs, May 18: Stop Speculation in SF's West Side   
Thurs, May 18: Men for Choice Happy Hour   
Fri, May 19: Sensible Cinema's Thriller 99 Homes   
Sat, May 20: Free Skin Cancer Screening   
Sat, May 20: Other Feminist Futures Panel   
Sat, May 20: Korea & Syria, Stop the Wars Before They Start   

Mon, May 22: Caravan to Sacramento on Police Murders   
Mon, May 22: Screening: The Times of Harvey Milk   
Mon, May 22: SURJ: Best Practices for Direct Action   
Tues, May 23: Development vs. LGBTQ Preservation   
Wed, May 24: Celebrate 15 years of La Colectiva's Organizing   
Wed, May 24: Consumer Power to Help Hotel Workers   
Thurs, May 25: Remembering Past Wars .. Preventing the Next   
Thurs, May 25: Phonebanking for Rent Control in Santa Rosa   
Thurs, May 25: The Right to be Believed   
Thurs, May 25: Environmental Push-Back in the Trump Era   
Thurs, May 25: The New Jim Crow Book Club Discussion   
Fri, May 26: School's Out El Rio Fundraiser for City College   
Sat, May 27: OWL-SF Meeting: Immigration, with Rev Deborah Lee   

Wed, May 31: Summer '67: Peace & Love or Anti-War Activism?   
Wed, May 31: Welcome Oscar Lopez Rivera to the Bay Area   
Fri, June 2: PJ's Deportation Hearing Support   
Sat, June 3: Tenant's Convention in D8, Castro, Noe, Duboce   

Sun, June 4: The Soldier's Journey   
Wed, June 7: Claiming Our Voices S. Asian Domestic Workers in NYC   
Sat, June 10: Domestic Worker / Employer Exchange for Defense   

Sun, June 11: Equality March SF   
Thurs, June 15: Suicide Prevention Training   
Thurs, June 15: Tenants Together's 9th Year Celeb at Make-Out Rm   
Sat, June 17: Juneteenth in SF   

Wed, June 28: Arundhati Roy   

Sat, July 22: Mario Woods Remembrance Day   

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