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We've relocated our office to the Redstone Building in the Mission District.
Location Information.

Tues, Feb 9, 2 PM, Gray Panthers Newsletter Committee
Celtic Cafe, 142 McAllister (betw Hyde, Leavenworth)
(Please call 415-215-7575 to confirm.)

Tues, Feb 9, 3 PM, Supervisors! Support Environmental Appeal
against a Permanent Shuttle Bus Program
City Hall, Main Supervisors Chambers, Rm 250
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Wed, Feb 10, 5:30 PM, Speak Out Against Tasers for SF Police!
Police Commission Meeting, City Hall, Rm 400
Police Chief Greg Suhr will re-introduce tasers for SF Police.  Read more.

Tues, Feb 16, 1-3 PM, Gray Panthers General Meeting
Black Lives, Police, Tasers
Unitarian Center, 1187 Franklin (at Geary), Fireside Rm

Mon, March 28, 11:30 AM, Gray Panthers Book Club
Celtic Cafe 142 McAllister (betw Hyde & Leavenworth)  
(Please call 415-931-1126 to confirm.)

Other Important Events

Mondays-Thursdays: Senior & Disability Action's Computer Labs open         
Tues, Feb 9: Supervisors: Support Environmental Appeal of Permanent Shuttle Busses    
Tues, Feb 9: Supervisors: Tackle Homelessness Now!       
Wed, Feb 10: Health Action Team (HAT) Meeting          
Wed, Feb 10: Speak Out Against Tasers for SF Police!         
Wed, Feb 10: Building Justice in the Mission        
Wed, Feb 10: Mercy California, Hands Off Midtown Park Apartments       
Thurs, Feb 11: Senior Disability Action (SDA) Meeting       
Thurs, Feb 11: CARA SF CAT Meeting        
Thurs, Feb 11: Weekly Justice for Mario Woods Coalition Meeting       
Thurs, Feb 11: Film Showing: Straight Outta Hunters Point       
Fri, Feb 12: How the Other Half Banks: Predatory Payday Lenders vs Postal Banking   
Sat, Feb 13: San Quentin Prison Art Show       
Sat, Feb 13: Forum: Mario Woods & Struggle Against Police Terror       
Sat, Feb 13: Green Arcade Event: Struggle for Latino Farmworkers' Rights       
Sat, Feb 13: Screening: The Fall of the I-Hotel         
Sun, Feb 14: UU Breakfast Forum: Remembering Port Chicago       
Sun, Feb 14: Stop an Artist's Eviction!  Valentine's Day Exhibition       
Tues, Feb 16: Gray Panther General Meeting: Black Lives, Police, Tasers            
Tues, Feb 16: Report Back from Paris: What Unions Are Doing on Climate Change       
Wed, Feb 17: Senior Disability Action Housing Collaborative Meeting       
Wed, Feb 17: SF Living Wage Coalition Meeting       
Thurs, Feb 18: Webinar: How San Francisco Stopped a New Jail       
Thurs, Feb 18: Communities United Against Violence Farewell to Carolina Morales       
Fri, Feb 19: Dave Talbot on Secrecy and the CIA       
Sat, Feb 20: Cultural Resistance to Corporate Occupation, Film Deep State       
Sun, Feb 21: Victory Party in Celebration of Stopping New SF Jail Construction             
Thurs, Feb 25: Tim Redmond on San Francisco Politics       
Sat, Feb 27: OWL-SF Meeting       
Sat, Feb 27: Film: Arresting Power: Resisting Police Abuse       
Tues, Mar 1: City of SF on Trial re Alex Nieto:  Show Massive Community Support            
Thurs, Mar 3: People Power: A Conversation on the Saul Alinsky Organizing Tradition       
Fri, Mar 4: Launch Event: Make Overtime for Domestic Workers Permanent!       
Sat, Mar 19: Musical Journey, El Son de la Misión       

Please send notices of similar SAN FRANCISCO events to
with "CALENDAR" in subject line. Please also post your events on the Indybay Calendar.    

Mondays to

Senior & Disability Action's Open Computer Lab and Computer Classes.
Computer Lab hours are: 9AM to 4 PM, for people to practice their skills or do their work.
Call Pi Ra at 415-546-2096 for Computer Class Hours.
Read a description (but not location) of SDA's computer training here.   
Actual Location: SDA's office, 1360 Mission St, Room 400.
(Betw 9th-10th Sts, map, # 14, 6, 9, 21 buses)        (back to top)

short link to this page:

Gray Panthers of San Francisco  
2940 16th St,  Room 200-3,  
San Francisco CA 94103
Phone: 415-552-8800

Location: 16th St between Capp & S. Van Ness, See a map
In San Francisco's Mission District. We are wheelchair-accessible.