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This month’s Gray Panther meeting will be on the Dignity Fund, Prop I on the November ballot, to guarantee and increase funding for programs for San Francisco seniors and adults with disabilities.  We will also discuss plans for more City revenue from business.
Important Gray Panther and Other Events
Wed, Sept 21, Gray Panthers Newsletter Meeting #2:
1 PM, GP Office, 2940 16th St, Rm 200-3, by 16th St. BART.
Fri, Sept 23, 3-5 PM, Western Addition Senior Center, 1390 Turk, at Fillmore. Dignity Day Celebration. Prop I establishes a Dignity Fund that guarantees 20 years of increased funding for the City’s Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS), which directs most services to  seniors and adults with disabilities, SF’s fastest-growing sector.  Read more here.  Read Q&A on Prop I here. Prop I does not raise taxes; instead it guarantees increasing funding from City revenues, a so-called set-aside. Prop I is supported by a wide variety of elected officials, community leaders, community organizations including SDA, CARA, and OWL, labor organizations including the Teachers Union and SEIU 1021, Democratic Clubs, and civic and neighborhood organizations. Read list here
Mon, Sept 26, Gray Panthers Book Club:
11:30 AM, Celtic Café, 142 McAllister, betw Hyde & Leavenworth.
Please call 415-931-1126 to confirm.
Thurs-Sun, Oct 27-30, Thurs, Nov 3: On The Hill, an origional docu-drama presented by Loco Bloco and neighborhood youth, on the life and death of Alex Nieto, and the impact of police brutality and gentrification on neighborhoods.  Location: Brava Theater (10/27-30) and City College Mission Campus (11/3).  Read more.
Anytime.  Sign the petiton to California Legislature and Gov Brown to repeal the Police Officer's Bill of Rights, which has given unprecedented power to Law Enforcement who abuse and kill citizens. They are given virtual immunity against prosecution under the protection of this law.  Read more from ACLU.  || See and sign the petition.

Other Events

Wed, Sept 21: SDA's Housing Collaborative Meeting   
Wed, Sept 21: Film & Talk, Dogtown Redemption, Recyclers   
Wed Sept 21: SF Living Wage Coalition Meeting   
Thurs, Sept 22: SF Renters Day of Action and Rally   
Thurs, Sept 22: District 5 Supervisor Candidate Forum   
Thurs, Sept 22: The US Side of the Mexico Drug War   
Fri, Sept 23: Court Support: Kayla Moore, Killed by Berkeley Police   
Fri, Sept 23: Building Solidarity with Resistance in Brazil   
Fri, Sept 23: WRAP and Hospitality House: Artists for Justice   
Fri, Sept 23: Yes on I Day, Supporting the Dignity Fund   
Sat, Sept 24: OWL-SF: Ballot Round-up for November Election   
Sat, Sept 24: Prop B Kickoff, Funding for City College   
Sat, Sept 24: Making SFPD Accountable: A Community Conversation   
Sat, Sept 24: Workshop: How to NOT Call the PoLice EVER   
Sat, Sept 24: Reducing Non-Violent Felony to Misdemeaners    
Sat, Sept 24: Mexican Human Rights Defenders Speak Out   
Sat, Sept 24: Virgil's Sea Room: Housing Rights Committee SF Fun-draiser   
Sat, Sept 24: United Artists Benefit Show for SOMCAN's 5M Fight   
Sat-Sun, Sept 24-25: Iranian Film Festival   
Sun, Sept 25: Listening Party: Stories of Artists with Disabilities   

Mon, Sept 26: Celebrate 10th Year of Community Land Trust's First Buy   
Mon, Sept 26: Premier of Documentary on 43 Students of Ayotzinapa   
Tues, Sept 27: Save Midtown, Rent Strike & Board of Supervisors Takeover   
Tues, Sept 27: Housing Rights Rally at SF School Board Meeting   
Tues, Sept 27: Demand Action on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   
Wed, Sept 28: Race and Policing Panel   
Thurs, Sept 29: Anti-Eviction Queers BBQ   
Thurs, Sept 29: The High Cost of "Free" Speech   
Fri, Sept 30: Stop the Eviction at 544 Clayton   
Sat, Oct 1: CISPES 30th Anniversary Party   
Sat, Oct 1: Afro-Cuban Filmmaker Gloria Rolando   

Tues, Oct 4: Implications of New Discoveries in Kitty Genovese Case   
Wed, Oct 5: US and California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873   
Wed, Oct 5: Memory Loss, Dementia, Alzheimer's: The Basics   
Fri, Oct 7: 50 Years Later: Youth Celebrates Black Panther Party   
Fri-Sun, Oct 7-16: Arab Film Festival, | Open Night Premier, Clash   

Sat, Oct 8: SF Tenant Union Fundraiser, 45 Years!
Sun, Oct 9: Aging & Disability Friendly Sunday Music Afternoon   
Tues, Oct 11: Fundraiser Reading for Prop W, Make City College Free   
Tues, Oct 11: Mission Bookstores: United We Stand   
Wed, Oct 12: Rose Agular et al, How Election Will Affect SF's Future   
Fri, Oct 14: Healthy Excelsior at Community Well   
Sat, Oct 15: 2016 5K Race for Gaza   
Sun, Oct 16: Million Mom March, No Police Killing of Black Sons   
Mon, Oct 17: Addressing Racism & Homelessness in SF   
Fri, Oct 21: 10 Years of Project WHAT, Children of Incarcerated Parents   
Thurs-Sun, Oct 27-30: On the Hill: Youth Performance on Alex Nieto's Impact   
Thurs, Nov 3: On the Hill: Youth Performance on Alex Nieto's Impact   
Thurs, Nov 17: Hearing to Determine if CPMC Complies with Obligations to SF   
Mon, Dec 12: Rebecca Solnit at the Nourse   

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SF Gray Panthers,  2940 16th St, Rm 200-3,  San Francisco CA 94103
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