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Once again, many thanks to Adrienne Fong and Occupy SF for many of these events.

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The Maggie Kuhn celebration was great!!  
Some links are here, and here Watch Carroll Estes' tribute to Maggie Kuhn and her importance.   

Important Gray Panther and Other Events

What's New: Gray Panthers

-  opposes Weiner/Breed/Mandelman Conservatorship of homeless people

-  supports Prop 13 reform 

- opposes Trump's new "Public Charge" rule that would disqualify many categories of immigrants from green cards or visas if the Department of Homeland Security decides they are likely to use Medicaid, Food Stamps, or Section 8 housing in the future.     

- Supports the No New SF Jail campaign to Close 850 Bryant Jail in 2020 and decrease SF incarceration so no new jail is needed.

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Please sign the Healthy California Now petition to the Governor demanding Single-Payer / Medicare-for-All healthcare in California.  

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NEW: Tues, Dec 10, 12 PM: Reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR, established in 1948, in the aftermath of world-wide depression and war. It asserted people’s civil rights (freedom of speech, freedom from arbitrary detention, freedom from discrimination, etc.) And it also asserted people’s rights to the necessities of life (housing, healthcare, employment, education, etc).  Location: City Hall Steps, Polk St.

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NEW: Tues, Dec 17, 1 PM: Gray Panther General Meeting: "UDHR vs Corporate Trade Agreements" PLUS Winter Party and Election of 2020 Board. First Hour: Can we build the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into our trade agreements so we have global enforceable human rights and environmental protection? Speaker: Ted Lewis, Global Exchange Co-Executive Director and Human Rights Director. Second Hour: Winter Party featuring Berkeley singer/song writer Carol Denney and Berkeley banjo player & singer James Nelson, and election of our next year's Board.  Location: Lower Level, Park Branch Library, 1833 Polk St. (betw Cole & Schrader) in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury.

More Complete Listings (underlined events are featured above):

Tues, Nov 19: Salesforce, Stop Providing Tech for the Camps   

Tues, Nov 19: Solidarity with Chile, Stop Blinding Protesters    

Tues, Nov 19: Berkeley Action, National Students vs ICE    

Tues, Nov 19: Stand With immigrant Women Seeking Refuge    

Tues, Nov 19: Gray Panther Meeting: Joining Youth & Age on the Climate Crisis    

Tues, Nov 19: Abolition, Anti-Blackness, & Schooling in SF    

Wed, Nov 20: Senior Disability Action Housing Collaborative     

Wed, Nov 20: SF Living Wage Coalition meeting    

Wed, Nov 20: 50th Anniversary, Occupation of Alcatraz    

Wed, Nov 20: SF Transgender Day of Remembrance    

Fri, Nov 22: Berkeley Rally for Housing Justice Now    

Sat, Nov 23: Embrace Aging, Reject Ageism, OWL-SF Meeting   

Sat, Nov 23: Meeting on CA Wildfires: Support & Action    

Sun, Nov 24: Free Citizenship Workshop    

Fri, Nov 29: Women in Black March & Vigil    

Thurs, Dec 5: My Home Is Someone Else's Workplace: Best Practices    

Sat, Dec 8: Howard Zinn Book Fair    

Tues, Dec 10: SDA Health Action Team Meeting    

Tues, Dec 10: Public Reading of Universal Declaration of Human Rights    

Wed, Dec 11: Poor People's Campaign National Tour Stops at Glide Church    

Thurs, Dec 12: Senior & Disability Action General Meeting     

Thurs, Dec 12: Thirty Years of Street Sheet    

Thurs, Dec 12: CARA SF CAT Meeting    

Tues, Dec 17: Gray Panther Meeting, Winter Party, Board Election    

Thurs, Dec 19: Annual Homeless Persons Memorial Vigil    

Mon, Dec 23: "Last Black Man in SF" Screening    

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