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Once again, many thanks to Adrienne Fong and Occupy SF for many of these events.

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61% of all SF senior renters living alone cannot afford typical SF "affordable" senior housing!  See chart.  

Important Gray Panther and Other Events

What's New: Gray Panthers

-  opposes Weiner/Breed/Mandelman Conservatorship of homeless people

-  supports Prop 13 reform 

- opposes Trump's new "Public Charge" rule that would disqualify many categories of immigrants from green cards or visas if the Department of Homeland Security decides they are likely to use Medicaid, Food Stamps, or Section 8 housing in the future.     

- Supports the No New SF Jail campaign to Close 850 Bryant Jail in 2020 and decrease SF incarceration so no new jail is needed.      

- Opposes class cuts at City College, and Chancellor's move to eliminate community benefit classes.

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Please sign the Healthy California Now petition to the Governor demanding Single-Payer / Medicare-for-All healthcare in California.

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NEW: Fri, Jan 24, 12-1:30 PM -- Mad Mob Kickoff Rally: Mad Mod is a new group of mental health consumers organizing for rights, dignity, and access to services. They support universal access to consumer-directed mental health care, full integration of people with mental health disabilities into society, and stable, dignified housing for all. They oppose expanded conservatorship and involuntary treatment and criminalization of people with mental health disabilities.  Assemble at Civic Center Plaza, Polk & Grove Sts.   See leaflet.

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NEW: Sundays, 10 AM - 2 PM -- Signature-Gathering for Schools and Community First Ballot Proposition: Meet 10 AM at Oakside Cafe, Oak and Broderick Sts, for short update and planning, then go to nearby locations like Farmers' Markets to collect signatures. Schools and Community First will force periodic re-assessments of commercial and industrial properties, bringing an additional $12 billion revenue for California Counties' schools and community services, while leaving Prop 13 residential property protections intact.

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NEW: Tues, Jan 28, 1-4 PM -- Rally and Hearing on Supervisor Walton's $2.7M Emergency Bridge Funds to Restore ALL of the 300+ canceled City College Classes: Join the 1 PM rally on Polk Street Steps and stay for public comment to the full Board of Supervisors at their regular meeting. Restoring ALL of the canceled classes has been a consistent demand of Gray Panthers, CARA, SDA and many other groups. Read Policy Statement.

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NEW: Fri, Jan 31, 9:30-11:30 AM -- Press Conference and Public Comment at the Joint Education Committee Hearing on the effects that the City College class cuts on low income students and students of color: Here's Gray Panthers chance to put "Age and Youth Together" in Action, because these 300+ class cuts, announced the day before Spring registration, have disrupted younger students' graduation and transfer plans as well as other students' vocational re-training. Location: City Hall Polk Steps and Room 250. Read Policy Statement.

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NEW: Tues, Feb 18, 1-3 PM -- Gray Panthers February Meeting in Honor of Black History Month. Stay tuned for mre details.  Location: Park Branch Library, Community Room, 1833 Page St (betw Cole & Schrader, SF's Haight-Ashbury).

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NEW: Sun, Feb 23, 9:30 AM -- UU Forum on Paul Robeson. Singing and music with Alex and Harriet Bagwell, showing of Adademy-Award-winning documentary "Paul Robeson: Tribute to An Artist" narrated by Sidney Poitier, followed by discussion: Can the reputation of Paul Robeson, greatest American of the 20th century, be restored? Location: MLK Rm, Unitarian Center, 1187 Franklin (at Geary)

More Complete Listings -- (underlined events are featured above):

Wed, Jan 22: Community Meeting, Future of MUNI    

Thurs, Jan 23: SF Public Housing for All    

Thurs, Jan 23: PDA Electrion Forum, Tim Redmond    

Thurs, Jan 23: Preview, We Cried Power, on Poor People's Campaign    

Thurs, Jan 23: Decarceration and Public Safety    

Thurs, Jan 23: War Against Black and Brown People    

Fri, Jan 24: Mad Mob Kick-Off Rally    

Fri, Jan 24: Protest the SF-POA    

Sat, Jan 25: Global Protest, No War on Iran    

Sat, Jan 25: No War on Iran; Free Assange & Manning    

Sat, Jan 25: OWL-SF 2020 Planning Meeting    

Sat, Jan 25: Fanon: Decolonizing the Psyche II    

Sun, Jan 26: Winning a Campaign for Better Mental Health Care    

Sun, Jan 26: Signature-Gathering for Schools & Community First    

Sun, Jan 26: Solidarity Against Genocide in India    

Sun, Jan 26: Rekindling the Abortion Rights Movement    

Sun, Jan 26: Holocaust Remembrance Day    

Sun, Jan 26: Examining Structural Determinants of Health    

Sun, Jan 26: Belt and Road: Trade, Finance, GeoPolitics    

Mon, Jan 27: Rally Against Mass Evictions    

Tues, Jan 28: Rally & Hearing,  Restore ALL City College Classes    

Tues, Jan 28: No School on Radioactive Treasure Island    

Wed, Jan 29: Community Meeting on Zuckerberg SF General Hospital    

Wed, Jan 29: How to Give a Great Political Speech    

Thurs, Jan 30: Discussion, Tech and Homelessness    

Fri, Jan 31: Press Conf & Hearing, Effects of City College Class Cancellations    

Sat, Feb 1: Climate Disruption, Migration, and Walls    

Tues, Feb 4: Bay Area Transit Equity Day    

Wed, Feb 5: No New Charter School on Radioactive Treasure Island    

Fri, Feb 7: Project to Reduce People's Prison Sentences    

Sat, Feb 8: A Day at Oakland Community School    

Sat, Feb 8: Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools    

Sat, Feb 8: Migrant Solidarity from the Border to the Bay    

Sun, Feb 9: Beating Back White Supremacy, Ballots & Beyond    

Tues, Feb 11: Senior & Disability Action Health Action Team    

Thurs, Feb 13: Senior & Disability Action General Meeting    

Thurs, Feb 13: CARA SF CAT Meeting    

Tues, Feb 18: SF Gray Panthers Meeting on Black History Month    

Wed, Feb 19: Senior & Disability Action Housing Collaborative    

Thurs, Feb 20: Coalition on Homelessness Black History Celebration    

Sun, Feb 23: Unitarian Forum on Paul Robeson    

Sun Feb 23: Coalition on Homelessness Salsa Sunday    

Tues, Feb 25: No More Tech Office Space in the Mission    

Sat, Mar 21: Chomsky, What Hope for Palestine - And Beyond    

Tues, Mar 24: Book Release, No Fascist USA!    

Sat, Apr 25: Anarchist Book Fair    

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