We've relocated our office to the Redstone Building in the Mission District. Location Information.  
SF Gray Panthers activity will be diminished as we get up to speed. 
See pictures from our December Holiday Party.

Mon, Feb 23, noon: Gray Panthers Book Club, Celtic Cafe, 142 McAllister, betw Hyde & Leavenworth.
Tues, Feb 24:Book Release: Nancy Altman, Eric Kingson, "Why Social Security isn't Going Broke"   
Thurs, Feb 26: Tell SF Supes: We Need Safe, Convenient Disposal of Unwanted Medicines      
Wed, March 4, 1 PM: SF Gray Panthers Board, Members Welcome. Main Library, Stong Rm on 1st Floor.
Thurs, March 5, Noon: SF Gray Panthers Newsletter Committee. 2940 16th St, Rm 200-3.
Mon, March 30, Noon, Gray Panthers Book Club. Celtic Cafe, 142 McAllister, betw. Hyde & Leavenworth.

Mondays-Thursdays: Senior & Disability Action's Computer Labs open                     
Sat, Feb 21: End the Siege on Black Lives         
Sat, Feb 21: Film Showing: Malcolm X, on the 50th Anniversary of his Murder              
Sun, Feb 22: The Doctor Will See You Now.  First Your Co-Pay.   (Oakland)        
Sun, Feb 22: Network Event with Community and KPFA Staff        
Mon, Feb 23: City College Needs its Own Elected Board, Not a New Sacramento Appointee       
Tues, Feb 24:Book Release: Nancy Altman, Eric Kingson, "Why Social Security isn't Going Broke"   
Wed, Feb 25: Book Release: Nancy Altman, Eric Kingson, "Why Social Security isn't Going Broke"   
Wed, Feb 25: Ai-jen Poo, author of Age of Dignity: Preparing for the Elder Boom        
Wed, Feb 25: Community Forum on Hospital Discharge, "Planning for a Soft Landing"      
Wed, Feb 25:Film Documentary, Bayview/Hunter’s Point: Point of Pride       
Thurs, Feb 26: Tell SF Supes: We Need Safe, Convenient Disposal of Unwanted Medicines      
Thurs, Feb 26: Google: Stop Evicting Tenants at 812 Guerrero         
Thurs, Feb 26: Modern Times Event: The Forbidden Lessons of Labor Education      
Thurs, Feb 26: How People of Richmond Defeated Chevron         
Fri, Feb 27: A New Celebration of Redstone Building's 100th Anniversary               
Fri, Feb 27: Defend OSHA Whistleblowers Who Fight for Our Health and Safety     
Fri, Feb 27: Sensible Cinima: Fruitvale Station        
Sat, Feb 28: OWL-SF Meeting   
Sat, Feb 28: How Single Payer Healthcare Would Save Us $375 Billion A Year        
Sat, Feb 28: Annual Spaghetti Dinner for the 99%        
Sun, Mar 1: Report-back: Surviving Human Trafficking in Nepal       
Tues, Mar 3: Protest Netanyahu's Speech to US Congress    
Tues, Mar 3: SF99% Coalition Meeting       
Wed, Mar 4: Tenants Together SF Open House     
Wed, Mar 4: Maximus: We Demand Affordable Housing, Not Community Benefits!      
Thurs, Mar 5: Rally to Save City College's Tenderloin Campus       
Thurs, Mar 5: Anti-Prison Happy Hour and Thank-You to Emily      
Thurs, Mar 5: Modern Times Event: Berkeley and the New Deal       
Sun, Mar 8: The Artists Are Coming!  Celebrate Unionization of Adjunct Teachers in Bay Area!      
Sun, Mar 8: Mission Cop Watch: Know Your Rights       
Tues, Mar 10: WRAP Event: Housekeys Not Handcuffs          
Wed, Mar 11: Healthcare Action Team (HAT) Meeting       
Thurs, Mar 12: Senior & Disability Action General Meeting       
Thurs, Mar 12: CARA SF CAT Meeting       
Tues, Mar 17: SF Gray Panther Meeting: Why Not Public Banking?         
Wed, Mar 18: Senior & Disability Action Housing Collaborative Meeting        
Wed, Mar 18: SF Living Wage Coalition Meeting       
Sat, Mar 21: No New War in Iraq and Syria          
Sun, Mar 22: Poetry and History of Immigrants on Angel Island     
Tues, Mar 24: Support BARTFriday Arrestees in Court Appearance      
Weds, Mar 25, April 1, 8, 13: Senior & Disabilty Action Senior Survival School in Bayview               
Sat, Mar 28: OWL-SF Meeting: Fracking and Water, The Impact and What to Do       
Sat, Apr 18: Earth Day     

Please send notices of similar SAN FRANCISCO events to mlyon01@comcast.net with "CALENDAR" in subject line. Please also post your events on the Indybay Calendar.    

Mondays to

Senior & Disability Action's Open Computer Lab and Computer Classes.
Computer Lab hours are: 9AM to 4 PM, for people to practice their skills or do their work.
Call Pi Ra at 415-546-2096 for Computer Class Hours.
Read a description (but not location) of SDA's computer training here.   
Actual Location: SDA's office, 1360 Mission St, Room 400.
(Betw 9th-10th Sts, map, # 14, 6, 9, 21 buses)        (back to top)

March 4
4:30 PM

Tenants Together SF Open House.    Tenants Together is a state-wide tenants-rights group that's worked both grass-roots and in Sacramento against evictions and displacement and was also heavily involved in last November's SF Prop G campaign against housing speculation. Tenants Together's SF Open House will show how to plug in to the statewide movement for housing justice in such ways as helping tenants understand and assert their rights, to calling members with opportunities to take action, and expanding reach via social media. Contact them at 415-495-8100.   Location: 995 Market St. (at 6th St.), Suite 1202.    (back to top)

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Gray Panthers of San Francisco  
2940 16th St,  Room 200-3,  
San Francisco CA 94103
Phone: 415-552-8800
e-mail: graypanther-sf@sonic.net
web: http://graypantherssf.igc.org/

Location: 16th St between Capp & S. Van Ness, See a map
In San Francisco's Mission District. We are wheelchair-accessible.