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      Gray Panthers Night at the Movies, Ali.   Click here if image missing.

Ali (2001) focuses on ten years in the life of the late boxer Muhammad Ali, played by Will Smith, from 1964–74, featuring his capture of the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston, his conversion to Islam, his criticism of the Vietnam War and banishment from boxing, his return to fight Joe Frazier in 1971, and, finally, his reclaiming the title from George Foreman in 1974. It also touches on the great social and political upheaval in the United States following the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.  It won two Academy Award nominations.
Important Gray Panther and Other Events
Anytime.  E-mail Police Commission, Supervisors, and Mayor: No Tasers for SF Police.    The Police Commission may be making a decision on ex-Chief Suhr's request to arm officers with tasers. See more information on tasers here.  E-mail the Police Commission at
Sat, July 2 - Sun, July 31: Laborfest.   Complete Schedule
Sun, July 31, 3 PM, Shout Their Names. The California Institution for Women is at 130% of capacity and has a suicide rate of 8 times the rate of the national rate of suicides in prisons. Eastside Arts Alliance 2277 International Blvd Oakland.  Read more.
Mon, Aug 1, 2 PM, Supe's Budget Committee Hearing on Tech Tax for Housing and Homeless Services.  Read more.   Would raise $120 million/year, but Budget Committee chaired by Mark Farrell, author of anti-homeless measure on November ballot. Come tell him the City needs housing and services, not attacks on the vulnerable. City Hall, Rm 263.
Sun & Mon, Sept 4 & 5: Closing Shows of SF Mime Troupe's Schooled. Dolores Park, Dolores & 18th St., Music begins at 1:30 PM.  Read more.

Other Events

Wed, July 20: Tech: Pay Your #FairShare   
Thurs, July 21: Planning Commission!  No More Luxury Units in the Mission!   
Thurs, July 21: Demo: Pelosi, NO to TPP!   
Thurs, July 21: Action to End Racist Police Terror   
Thurs, July 21: Stop Trump Protest   
Thurs, July 21: Solidarity: Boston School Bus Drivers West Coast Tour   
Fri, July 22: Demand Funds to Support Public Education   
Fri, July 22: Mario Woods Remembrance Day   
Fri, July 22: Lessons of the 1916 Frame-Up of Tom Mooney/Warren Billings   
Sat, July 23: Celebrate the Life of Mario Woods      
Sat, July 23: Precita Eyes, Urban Youth Arts Festival   
Sat, July 23: Gentrification as a Public Health Crisis   
Sat, July 23: SF Premier All Guantánamo is Ours   
Sun, July 24: Occupy the DNC/Bernie March Event   
Sun, July 24: Labor Chorus, Working Women   
Sun, July 24: BBQ/Luau/Fundraiser for Mission Fire Victims   
Wed, July 27: 100-Year-Old Iris Canada Faces Eviction Starting Today   
Mon, Aug 1: Supes Hearing on Tech Tax for Housing   
Mon, Aug 1: Mexican Teacher Activists in Struggle   
Mon, Aug 1: Policing the Police   
Wed, Aug 3: Sacramento Action: Overtime Protection for Domestic Workers   
Thurs, Aug 4: Protect 24th Street from Luxury Development   
Thurs, Aug 4: I-Hotel Eviction Commeration   
Thurs, Aug 4: What Happened at Demo Convention, What's Next   
Fri, Aug 5: El Rio Happy Hour with Coalition on Homelessness   
Sat, Aug 13: Helen Caldicott: Nuclear Weapons, Can They Be Abolished?  
Sun, Aug 14: Rumberos de Radio Habana: Community Rumba   
Sun, Aug 14: Modern Times, Gears Turning Poetry Series   
Thurs, Sept 8: CARA Candidate & Town Hall Forum on Senior Issues   
Thurs, Sept 8: Evening with Erica Huggins   
Fri, Sept 9: Annual SDA Celebration Fundraiser   
Sat, Sept 16: Legacy Film Festival on Aging   
Sun, Oct 16: Million Mom March, No Police Killing of Black Sons   

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