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Once again, many thanks to Adrienne Fong and Occupy SF for many of these events.

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Important Gray Panther and Other Events

What's New: Gray Panthers

-  opposes Weiner/Breed proposed Conservatorship of homeless people
,  and
-  supports Prop 13 reform 

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NEW: Fri, Jan 11, Urgent: Fight Trump's Racist Hate, Vigil at SF ICE, Letter to Pelosi. After Trump's racist Oval Office speech attacking Latin American immigrants as violent criminals, we need to fight back. No Walls! No Borders! Solidarity of working people world-wide! 11:30am-12:30pm: Interfaith Vigil at ICE, 630 Sansome (map). 1:00-1:30pm: Deliver letter to Nancy Pelosi demanding no wall, 90 - 7th St. (map).  Read more on Facebook.

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NEW:  SF Supervisors considering implementing SB-1045, a conservatorship program for involuntary detention and treatment of homeless people with mental and substance abuse problems and frequent police-initiated 5150 3-day psych holds. San Francisco passed Prop C to supply real supportive housing and mental health services for all who need them. Let's do that before talking about detaining the homeless.    Read more about the issue here and here.  Read 48 Hills on this. Persons concerned with potential publc health threats of this ordinance can sign a petition of opposition here.

NEW: Tuesdays, Jan 15, 22, 29, 1-4 PM, Bayanihan Center, 1010 Mission (at 6th St.): Community Training: Conservatorship, Homelessness and Mental Health.  Some SF leaders' are planning to conserve homeless people with mental or substance abuse conditions, detaining them and subjecting them to forced treatment, rather than giving them the real services and housing they need.  Learn what's wrong with these plans and how to oppose them. If you are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or have a mental health or substance abuse condition, or just care about your community, please come, we need you. Free lunch for those attending all 3 sessions. Call Tony at 415-546-1333 for more info.  Read more.   See the Facebook page on the training.

NEW:  Wed, Jan 16, 3:00 PM, 825 Howard Street, Voluntary Services First Coalition Mtg. This is the coalition opposing the AB-1045 Conservatorship in San Francisco.  You can read its members and positions on the 3rd and 4th pages of this document.

Stay Tuned: The SF Supervisors Rules Committee may be the only hearing with public comment on the new conservatorship, so it's important to have a big turnout. It meets the1st, 3rd, and 4th Wednesdays of the month at1 PM.  Please watch for announcement of the meeting.

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More Complete Listings (underlined events are featured above):

Thurs, Jan 10: Tell CPUC: No PG&E Bailout! (Round 2)   

Thurs, Jan 10: Senior & Disability Action Meeting   

Thurs, Jan 10: CARA SF CAT Meeting   

Thurs, Jan 10 : Police Commission Meeting on SFPD Transparency   

Thurs, Jan 10: Demand a State Budget to Move People fom Poverty   

Thurs, Jan 10: Stop Luxury Take-Over of the Mission   

Thurs, Jan 10: Food Not Bombs 16th/Mission Food Share   

Thurs, Jan 10: SF Public Bank Coalition Launch   

Thurs, Jan 10: Update from US-Mexico Border   

Fri, Jan 11: Support Day for LA Teachers Strike   

Fri, Jan 11: Urgent: Fight Turmp's Racist Hate, Vigil at ICE, Letter to Pelosi   

Fri, Jan 11: Mothers March Against Police Murder   

Fri, Jan 11: Protest Against Japan's Restarting Nuclear Plants   

Fri, Jan 11: Senior & Disability Action New Year's Party   

Fri, Jan 11: Trump & the Fight Within the Ruling Elite   

Fri, Jan 11: Film/Discussion, I am Not Your Negro   

Sat, Jan 12: Red for Ed Rally to Fund Education Now   

Sat, Jan 12: Artist and Activists Fight for Redstone Building   

Sat, Jan 12: Congress of the People   

Sat, Jan 12: Bay Area PNHP Meeting   

Sat, Jan 12: Cubanas Mujeres en Revolucion US Premiere   

Sun, Jan 13: Alternatives to Calling the Police      

Sun, Jan 13: Workshop on Clearing Your Record of Convictions   

Sun, Jan 13: Peter Byrne on the 'Forever War'   

Tues, Jan 15: Community Training: Conservatorship, Homelessness, Mental Health   

Tues, Jan 15: Gray Panther Meeting: We Won Prop C, Now What?   

Tues, Jan 15: People's History of Silicon Valley   

Wed, Jan 16: PG&E / Green New Deal Campaign Kickoff   

Wed, Jan 16: Voluntary Services First Mtg, Oppose Detention of Homeless People   

Wed, Jan 16: Senior & Disability Action Housing Collaborative   

Wed, Jan 16: SF Living Wage Coalition Meeting   

Thurs, Jan 17: Restore Our Rights!  Panel Discussion & Strategy Session   

Thurs, Jan 17: Resisting Imperialism: Voices from the Migrant Caravan   

Fri, Jan 18: Postcolonial Revenge exhibition   

Fri, Jan 18: Sensible Cinema West Coast Premier Eyes of Mississippi   

Fri, Jan 18: Film, If Beal Street Could Talk   

Sat, Jan 19: Women's March, SF   

Sat, Jan 19: BASMC 2 Hr Medic Training and Introduction   

Sun, Jan 20: Center for Political Education People Get Ready Conference    

Sun, Jan 20: Chinese Views of the International Communist Movement   

Sun, Jan 20: Tenderloin Tour at Glide Church   

Sun, Jan 20: Memorial for Kanani Kauka   

Mon, Jan 21: Peoples March: Reclaim King's Radical Legacy   

Tues, Jan 22: Community Training: Conservatorship, Homelessness, Mental Health   

Thurs, Jan 24: "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" Reading Group   

Thurs, Jan 24: Phillippines Med-Surg Mission Report-Back   

Thurs, Jan 24: Middle East Children's Alliance Presents The Judge      

Thurs, Jan 24: Stop AIDS Now or Else   

Sun, Jan 27: They Call Me Mix Book Launch   

Mon, Jan 28: Feminist Resistance of Brazil's Radical Right   

Tues, Jan 29: Community Training: Conservatorship, Homelessness, Mental Health   

Mon, Feb 4: World Cancer Day Candlelight Vigil   

Tues, Feb 5: City College Course: Organizing for Justice   

Tues, Feb 5: Green Film, "Warrier Women"   

Wed, Feb 6: Robert Reich, The Common Good   

Sun, Feb 10: COH Annual Salsa Fundraiser   

Tues, Feb 12: Senior & Disability Action Health Action Team (HAT)  

Tues, Feb 12: National Medicare for All Week of Action   

Wed, Feb 13: The Labor of Care: Filipina Migrants and Transnational Families   

Sun, Feb 24: Uproot: Asian Pacific Islander Issues Conference   

Wed, Mar 13: End Hep C SF Community Meeting   

Wed, Mar 20: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism   

Sat, May 18: Inaugural Immigrant Day Parade   

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