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Once again, many thanks to Adrienne Fong and Occupy SF for many of these events.

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Important Gray Panther and Other Events

What's New: Gray Panthers

-  opposes Weiner/Breed proposed Conservatorship of homeless people
,  and
-  supports Prop 13 reform 

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Sun, Mar 24: Single-Payer, Medicare-for-All Health Care Talk at Unitarian Center   

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SF Supervisors are considering implementing SB-1045, a conservatorship program for involuntary detention and treatment of homeless people with mental and substance abuse problems and frequent police-initiated 5150 3-day psych holds. San Francisco passed Prop C to supply real supportive housing and mental health services for all who need them. Let's do that before talking about detaining the homeless.    Read more about the issue here and here.  Read 48 Hills on this. Persons concerned with potential public health threats of this ordinance can sign a petition of opposition here.

 Read new Truthout article on SB 1045 conservatorship and nationwide drive to strip homeless people of their autonomy.
   Read the SF Weekly article Mental Health, Homelessness, and Civil Rights: SF's Crisis of Conscience.   Read more about 5150 psych holds and how they relate to SB 1045 conservatorship.

New: Sen Weiner is sponsoring new legislation, SB-40, to remove protective clauses in SB-1045 that its proponants say make it safe for San Francisco!  Read more here.  

Sat, Apr 6: Action Against Detention, Forced Treatment of Homeless People   

Stay Tuned: The SF Supervisors Rules Committee may be the only hearing with public comment on the new conservatorship, so it's important to have a big turnout. It meets Mondays at 10 AM weekly.  Please watch for announcement of the meeting.

More Complete Listings (underlined events are featured above):

Wed, Mar 20: Join UC Strike!   

Wed, Mar 20: Honoring Cesar Chavez's Legacy   

Wed, Mar 20: BVHP Environmental Justice Task Force   

Wed, Mar 20: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism   

Thurs, Mar 21: Coalition on Homelessness School: Housing Policy   

Thurs, Mar 21: Teachers for Social Justice: Oakland Strike   

Thurs, Mar 21: Harm Reduction in San Francisco   

Thurs, Mar 21: 5th Year Alex Nieto Angelversary   

Thurs, Mar 21: Public Health Justice Meeting   

Thurs, Mar 21: Benefit For Camp Fire Victims   

Thurs, Mar 21: Cesar Chavez Mural Celebration   

Thurs, Mar 21: Protest Berkeley RV Ban   

Thurs, Mar 21: Press Conf: Fire Oakland Police Chief   

Thurs, Mar 21: Film The Hate You Give   

Thurs, Mar 21: Concert for Juarez   

Thurs, Mar 21: Film: Unknown Chemicals, The Devil We Know   

Thurs, Mar 21: We Built a Movement from Books   

Fri, Mar 22: Mexico Today After Election of AMOL   

Fri, Mar 22: Resistance Through the Arts   

Fri, Mar 22: Intergenerational Trauma & Resistance   

Fri, Mar 22: Affordable Housing through Adaptive Reuse   

Sat, Mar 23: OWL-SF Meeting: Advocating for Important Issues   

Sun, Mar 24: Single-Payer, Medicare-for-All Health Care   

Sun, Mar 24: Collect Single-Payer Postcards at Bernie Rally   

Mon, Mar 25: Reno-Eviction Workshop   

Tues, Mar 26: Event on Honduras with Neesa Medina   

Wed, Mar 27: SF Bay Tech Economy   

Thurs, Mar 28: Reproductive Labor, Sexual Rights and Economics   

Fri, Mar 29: Cesar Chavez Holiday Breakfast  

Fri, Mar 29: From Palestine to San Francisco, A Documentary Night   

Fri, Mar 29: Red Power, Internationalism, and National Liberation   

Sat, Mar 30: SF Medicare-for-All Door-to-Door Canvass   

Sat, Mar 30: Black Girls March   

Sat, Mar 30: Project WHAT! Summit: Youth of Incarcerated Parents   

Sun, Mar 31: Hands Off Venezuela   

Mon, Apr 1: Civil Trial, Execution of Mario Woods   

Mon, Apr 1: Ban Roundup in Alameda County   

Wed, Apr 3: How-to: Rally and March Guide   

Wed, Apr 3: Dana Frank: The Long Honduran Night   

Thurs, Apr 4: Coalition on Homelessness School: Organizing/Outreach   

Thurs, Apr 4: End Hep C SF Video Launch Party   

Sat, Apr 6: Labor Notes Troublemakers School   

Sat, Apr 6: Action Against Detention, Forced Treatment of Homeless People   

Sat Apr 6: Town Hall: Weiner, Chiu, Ting   

Sat, Apr 6: Poor People's Hearing for the Bay Area   

Sat, Apr 6: Walk Against Rape   

Sat, Apr 6: Mumia: An Evening for Justice and Freedom   

Sat, Apr 6: Talking with Kids about Race   

Tues, Apr 9: Coalition on Homelessness School: De-Escalation   

Thurs, Apr 11: Coalition on Homelessness School: Meeting Facilitation   

Thurs, Apr 11: CARA and SDA Forum: Your Rights in the Hospital   

Sat, Apr 13: Cesar Chavez Holiday Parade   

Thurs, Apr 18: Our City Our Home Speakers Bureau Training   

Wed, Apr 17: Trump Propagandist Sean Spicer at UC Berkeley   

Thurs, Apr 18: How to Find and Hire the Right Nanny   

Wed, Apr 24: Students vs. Wall St, BaA Shareholders   

Wed, May 8: Shut Down the Charter School Billionaires!   

Sat, May 11: My So-Called Filipino Egyptian Life   

Sat, May 18: Inaugural Immigrant Day Parade   

Thurs May 23: Disability & Aging Capital Action Day   

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