Gray Panthers of San Francisco
July 2007 Newsletter     

"Honoring Social Justice "
Memorial for Mary Frances Smith

Memorial Service
Saturday, July 7, 2007, 2 PM
Unitarian-Universalist Center Chapel
1187 Franklin Street, at Geary (map)
Call the Gray Panther office for more information, 415-552-8800

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This Month's Articles:

Mary Frances Smith: Presente.

A Clean, Green San Francisco? Yeah, Right!

Inventing Human Rights

Say No to the City's Health and Housing Cuts!

Sin Fronteras! We Want A World Without Borders!

Clear the Air, Reduce Oil Consumption, Make MUNI Free

Empty Promises from G8, Again


Rent Control Needed for Residential Care Facilities

From SiCKO to Single Payer

We are:

We advocate and endorse
positions and actions for peace and
social justice: universal health care,
electoral reform, non-privatization of
public resources, civil rights, human rights,
and civil liberties.

We organize to save Social Security;
support a universal single payer
health care system that covers everyone equally;
defend the Bill of Rights; Repeal the Patriot Act;
and eliminate environmental racism