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San Francisco Gray Panthers
Quarterly Activities Report.
April 14, 2007

Report to the State-wide meeting of Gray Panther Networks, held in San Francisco, April 14, 2007.

Membership: Some progress here, due to more consistent collecting and follow-up of contacts' names by phone and e-mail. Still have not set up “buddy system” between old and newer members, though this is happening informally. Phone tree working more frequently and smoothly. Monthly movie night being moved to office and combined with pizza etc, to try to get more people and have it be a more social experience. Organizing participation in large demonstrations like anti-war demos so it's a social event as well as political. Brought people to Tillie Olsen memorial service. Rework of website in progress, news blog started, but not much traffic yet.

Civil Liberties/Human Rights: Participated in West Coast Tour of Lynne Stewart and Michael Ratner on cases of Lynne Stewart and Mumia Abu-Jamal, including informal brunch of Gray Panthers that Lynne attended. Continuing campaign to incorporate 1945 Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the California Constitution. Working to get other San Francisco groups such as Senior Action Network to support this, as well as SF Supervisors. (Report today.) On International Women's Day, attended Mujeres Unidas y Activas release of research report “Behind Closed Doors” on conditions of domestic workers in Bay Area. Have participated in actions demanding freedom for Josh Wolf, the longest-jailed journalist for refusing a grand jury order for information.

Anti-War: Brought most active members plus friends considering membership to March 18 anti-war action. Had general membership meeting on the role of the UN in terrorizing and killing civilians in Haiti's poorest slums.

Health: Show SF GP presentation on Medicare Privatization in senior center, helped SF Older Women's League publicize and present program on health care reform, brought many members. Had general membership meeting on national budget and its implications for healthcare. Brought people to Sacramento for introduction of SB 840.

Social Security: Helped plan and execute, along with CARA, a demonstration at Feinstein's office, against her sponsorship of SB 355, setting up a permanent, powerful, and bi-partisan commission to contain costs for all entitlements, whose recommendations would, by law, be fast-tracked in Congress.

Immigration: Participating in planning for May Day march for solidarity with immigrants, demanding full legalization, amnesty, stopping ICE raids, and freeing immigration detainees.

Environmental: New committee forming, is involved in City bill to require use of bio-degradable shopping bags as substitute for polyethylene bags. Has made moves to make office more environmentally conscious, eliminating plastics, disposables etc. Considering other actions such as agitating for free bus fare and more busses and bus routes, to be funded by downtown business that benefit by having their workers and customers brought to them. Also considering joining fight against redevelopment in Bayview Hunters Point, where excavation is spreading asbestos dust over this black neighborhood.


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