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August 8, 2007, Demonstration: Healthcare, YES!  Insurance Companies, NO!

Feb 14, 2007, Feinstein, Don't Cut the Heart Out of Social Security!

Report on SF Gray Panther Activities, March-June 2006

May 15, 2006, Say No! on D-Day for MediScare Part D

May 1, 2006, Gray Panthers at march for immigrant rights and solidarity

March 27, 2006, GPs at march demanding immigrants' rights

March 21, 2006, General Meeting, "War is Stealing Our Future"

March 20, 2006, "Take Part D and Shove it!" Demonstration at American Pharmacists Convention

Jan 25, 2006, GPs at rally defending immigrants from xenophobic HR4437

Nov 15, 2005, Learning from Katrina, What it says about Race and Class

Sept 17, 2005, Community Meeting on the Culture of Terror in Prisons

Sept 16, 2005, Demo at Chamber of Commerce, No Fake Health Plans

Summary of SF Gray Panther Activities, May - September, 2005

August 6, 2005, Potluck Celebration of Maggie Kuhn's 100 Birthday

June 21, 2005, Meeting: Attacks on Civil Liberties of Citizens and Immigrants

May 10, 2005, Demonstration against Social Security Privatization in Stockton

Jan 26, 2005, Demo against Social Security Privatization at Charles Schwab

Jan 18, 2005, HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY! Demonstration in SF

Sept 25, 2004, Community Meeting: The USA Patriot Act and Racial Profiling

Sept 8, 2004, UC Berkeley protest against Michelle Malkin and racial profiling

July 27, 2004, MAKE THE FAT CATS PAY! Gray Panthers at Budget Hearing

July 24, 2004, SF Gray Panther 30 Year Anniversary Party: History, Stories, Photos

June 15, 2004 Meeting: Wolf at the Door, the Attack on Housing in the City

Gray Panthers protesting high drug prices at the SF Biotech Conference

Demonstrations against war and occupation in Iraq

May 18, 2004 Meeting: "Depleted Uranium" & "Radiation in SE San Francisco"

May 4th, 2004: Hearing to shut down PG&E's Hunters Point Power Plant

March 16th, 2004 Meeting: "Who owns the Media" with Henry Kroll

GP Civil Liberties Committee at Park Branch Library March 23, 7 PM

Gray Panthers at Demonstration Supporting Striking Safeway Workers

Demonstrations against Sen. Feinstein's support of Medicare Rx-Priviatization

Demonstration Against High Drug Prices, February 27, 2003

Demonstration Against Privatizing Government Jobs

Working with the Coalition on Homelessness and People's Budget fighting cuts to homeless healthcare.

Gray Panthers of San Francisco