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NEW: SF Gray Panthers opposes Sen Weiner's amd Mayor Breed's dangerous plan to take away homeless people's legal rights through a new form of conservatorship.  Here's why.  |  Help us gather information.

NEW: SF Gray Panthers endorses Evolve's 2020 ballot proposition to reform Prop 13, assessing commercial and industrial properties at market value for property taxes (except for small businesses), while maintaining Prop 13 property tax protections for all forms of residential property. Eliminating the current corporate loophole on re-assessments would give local governments and schools $10 Billion more per year.  Read more.

NEW: SF Gray Panthers is a member of CARA, the California Alliance for Retired Americans.  Read CARA's recommendations on State ballot measures in the November, 2018 election, especially YES on 1, 2, 8, and 10; and NO on 5, 6, and 11.

Read SF Independent Living Resource Center's Jessie Lorenz SF Examiner great article on why single-payer universal healthcare and universal long-term support and services are necessary for people with disabilities and seniors.

Watch the Gray Panther-initiated November 19 2016 Post-Election Political Roundtable - "this exceptional public forum featured guest speakers Laurence Shoup, Peter Dale Scott, Stephen Zunes, David Talbot, Peter Phillips, with additional comments by Lotus Fong & Ron Dicks, and pertinent audience questions."

San Francisco Living Wage Coalition's 2016 Accomplishments

Senior & Disability Action's 2016 Accomplishments   

No New SF Jail Coalition's 8 Steps to a Jail-Free San Francisco  
Also read the Coalition's longer and more detailed report Build Justice, Not Jails.

Paul Robeson articles from SF Gray Panthers Newsletter   

Vial of Life and Healthy Aging Project: Find Out More || Download Vial of Life Form .

Read the California Domestic Workers Coalition 4-Part Dignity in the Home Platform, expanding support for those needing in-home assistance, and supporting the domestic workers who provide that assistance.

Read the corrupt, racist, and murderous career of SF Police Chief Greg Sur. Fire Chief Suhr!  || Fire Chief Suhr leaflet

Read about the "Support at Home" Program, a proposal for San Francisco to help pay for home care for seniors and people with disabilities who are too poor to pay out-of-pocket but not poor enough for for free home care.

 Read letter of May Day coalition to Alameda County Sheriff Ahern demanding end of cooperation with ICE, stop covering up police violence, stop contracting jail medical care to a dangerous private company, and stop militariazing police.

What to Do When a Person Has a Mental Health Crisis on the Street, and What Needs to Be Done on SF Tent Cities and Homelessness, by Coalition on Homelessness

No Tasers for SF Police!  Tasers will not reduce officer-related shootings!  Jailing killer cops would be a start.

Why we love the Coalition on Homelessness: Read their 2015 report.

CARA Convention Resolutions on Long-Term Care as part of Single-Payer, and Racism, Mass-Incarceration, Police Shootings and Prison Construction.

Support Prop I, Moratorium on Luxury Housing in the Mission. Read the Fact Sheet.

Why do we need Eviction Protection 2.0 to be passed by the SF Board of Supervisors? Read a summary of the proposed ordinance.

New Medicare Fact Sheet: History of Medicare, How Medicare helped desegregate US hospitals, Medicare Today, Why we need Medicare for All, and How Ryan budget will kill Medicare.

Nurses Speak on Medicare-For-All!  A great Medicare Birthday leaflet showing why we need universal, cradle-to-grave, improved Medicare (single-payer).  Not just the usual arguments!

NO NEW SF JAIL AND MORE POLICE!  Critical Resistance has issued a new People's Report on how a new SF Jail and hundreds more police would lead to increased criminalization of homelessness and poverty, how much the Jail would cost and how many services would be sacrificed to pay for it, why the Jail is unnecessary, what are the alternatives to building a new Jail, and how to get involved and join the fight against a new SF Jail.  Read the report here, and come to the Supervisors' Hearing, Thursday, June 18, 2 PM, convened by Sup. Jane Kim, on alternatives to a new SF Jail.

Real Regulation for AirBnB and the Other Short-Term Rental Platforms That Are Turning Our Rental Housing into Hotel Rooms! Read a Q&A explaining the Sharebetter Ballot Campaign to force big-business to follow City law, while sparing those renting out extra rooms.  Short summary of the measure and who's behind it.

Why San Francisco Needs a Moratorium on Luxury Housing

BART: Drop the Charges And the Fines Against the Black Lives Matter 14!

Hear Disabled Lesbian Poet Barbara Ruth on KPFA's Pushing Limits

Gray Panthers letter of support for SF MUNI drivers.

It is OUR City College!  The Accreditation Agency's latest offer is a dangerous trap.

Why we need to update and improve SF's Health Care Security Ordinance, provide care for all San Franciscans, and close the loophole for SF business employing low-wage labor.

CPMC cuts services to Spanish-speaking St. Luke's Hospital patients, announces intention to serve the neighborhood that is "better employed and better educated."

CARA letter to Sacramento on State Budget: Using surplus to restore Safety-Net programs Is more important than creating a Rainy Day Fund or paying down the debt!

Police Violence Against City College Students.
Get the Facts. Keep City College Open.

With Obama's Chained-CPI Social Security Cut stalled,
Now's the time to push back!  Strengthen Social Security,
Scrap the Cap, Give us real COLAs!

Are You Living in Public Housing or an SRO and having elevator problems?   Take SDA's Elevator Survey: Let the City know they need fixing!

No New Jail in SF: A Senior & Disability Perspective

A Gray Panther writes SF Supervisors: No New Jail!

SF99%'s Conversation on NSA Mass Surveillance

Video of Lynne Stewart's Return to NYC

Sign Petition demanding pardon or clemancy for Snowdon.

Sign Petition to Feinstein Against her "FISA Improvement Act" to Approve NSA Domestic Spying

Watch "Unmanned: America's Drone Wars"

Why We Should Have No New Jail for San Francisco

Why Social Security Needs to be Expanded

What is Jobs With Justice-SF?

Should We Criticize BART Workers, Or Join Them? 

CARA Accomplishments Over 10 Years

What's Next for Medicare-For-All / Single-Payer Healthcare in California, from the Campaign for a Healthy California.

How Does Obamacare Compare with Medicare-For-All in Calif?

NO on Prop A (Retirees Healthcare Trust Fund)

CARA FACT SHEET: Impact of ACA on Medicare
On Just Medicare? NOTHING CHANGES! Stay off the Exchange!

SF Gray Panthers say No Exceptions to Due Process Ordinance!

Protect Calif Community Colleges and Adult Education

US Dept of Education Censures Accreditation Agency That Threatens to Close SF City College

Thursday, August 1, Free Lynne Stewart demonstration

SF City College: Stop the Corporate Agenda to Downsize and Privatize Public Education

Tuesday, July 2nd: Human Chains Against the Chained-CPI. Join us in San Francisco as part of the national action to protect and improve Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

SF Says NO! to the Indefinite Detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). See City Hall Rally before introduction of a Supervisors' Resolution opposing it.

CPMC/Sutter: San Francisco Needs Healthcare, Housing, Jobs, And Justice! Read the Community's letter to the SF Supervisors.

What's really happening at SF City College, and how we can help save it.   ||    And what's behind the attacks on SF City College

Pelican Bay Prisoners fighting tortuous conditions initiate agreement to end hostilities between racial groups in California facilities.

Save the People's Post Office!   Great Leaflet.   Latest News.

SF Gray Panthers and Senior & Disability Action close Wells Fargo accounts and hold demonstration in protest of WFB's forclosures and evictions.  WFB has 40% of US home mortages and and has has over twice as many auctions of foreclosed homes in SF as other banks combined!

Flash! SF Labor Council passes Gray Panther-authored resolution, "No Grand Bargain: Protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid" (pdf)

Demostration against Post Office Closings and Sell-Offs by zillionaire Richard Blum, real estate magnate and UC Regent.

Sign on-line petition: women, communities of color, and allies call for (1) No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits,  (2) Let Bush tax cuts expire for wealthiest 2%.

SF Post Offices taken off the closure list! (see page 2)

Stop "Stop and Frisk" in San Francisco! (pdf)

Gray Panthers Presents "What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?" Saturday, August 4th & Saturday, August 18th.

Gray Panther's 100th Birthday Sing Out for Woody Guthrie

Join the Rockin' Solidarity Labor Chorus (pdf)

SF City College Labor and Community Studies Classes (pdf)

Save the People's Post Office

Gray Panthers at March to Save Post Offices

Alan Simpson goes ballistic over CARA's opposition to the Cat Food Commission's plans!  Here's the leaflet that drove him crazy.

Payroll Tax Cut? Payday Loan is more like it!

Bill Clinton's savage program of Welfare Reform, effects on women and children.

What's wrong with Ryan and Wyden's plans to turn Medicare over to HMOs and issue vouchers that won't cover the HMOs' charges.

March 2012, Oakland, We gave Simpson & Bowles the greeting they deserved!

How Propositions C and D attack health and pensions of SF's low-paid City Workers.

Demonstration at Obama Campaign Headquarters: HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, AND MEDICAID!

Gray Panthers were born fighting racism and war at the 1971 White House Conference on Aging, which ignored problems of black seniors.

Immigrants for Sale: private immigrant-detention industry profits $5 billion annually, writes anti-immigrant legislation

Social Security is NOT Broken! Don't Let the Bosses Kill It.

Democracy Now! 500,000 march in London against worst service cuts in 80 years paired with corporate tax cuts

Solidarity with Immigrant Workers and Families

No Tasers for SF Police!

Monterey, Calif., Feb. 21: Bowles! Simpson! Stop using the deficit as a phony excuse to gut our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!

Simpson and Bowles! We've got some questions for you!

Deficit Commissioners Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles devastating plans for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Jobs.

Ashley Carson, Older Women's League Executive Director, tells Obama's Deficit Commission about the importance of Social Security, especially to women.

Read Mumia's SF BayView piece demanding freedom for Lynne Stewart

SF Gray Panthers support MUNI drivers resisting concessions that would lead to more service cuts.

What's wrong with MUNI's "saturation" raids on bus passengers?

SF Immigrant Legal & Educational Network (SFILEN) Platform for the Rights of New Americans, December 2009

No MUNI service cuts! No MUNI fare increases! Make downtown business pay for what MUNI gives them.

Alliance for Retired Americans pamphlet, Social Security, Medicare, & the Fiscal Commission, a valuable resource

Watch Senate testimony by Single Payer advocate Marcia Angell M.D., that targets profits of entire health industry, not just insurance companies.

Watch Bill Moyers interview with Single Payer advocate Marcia Angell M.D., on what's wrong with Obama's health plan.

Solidarity with Students: Demonstrate against dismantling of public education. Thurs, March 4, 5 PM, SF's Civic Center. Read leaflet relating these cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid cuts.

FLASH! Obama proproses his own Commission to make fast-track cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

ALERT! Tuesday, January 19, National Call-In Day against forming a Task Force to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Gray Panthers writes Obama criticizing his paying $780,000 to economist Jonathan Gruber to write articles supporting Obama's private-insurance-based health plan.

Gray Panthers and CARA demand IHSS be preserved.

Iraq Vet: Our real enemies are not ones living in a distant land, they are here in front of us. Racism is their weapon.

SF Immigrant Rights Activists Prepare for national
campaign in immigration reform.

KPFA's Courageous radio program "Flashpoints" is
under attack by station management. Please help.

More posts

"Here is On Lache Rien ! (We Don't Give Up!), a great French revolt song by the French band HK et Les Saltimbanks.  As one of the Saltimbanks' lines goes: "The alarm clock has gone off/It's time to reset the counters to zero!"

Fighting City and State Budget Cuts: Make the Bosses Take the Losses!

SF Gray Panthers at the November 19, 2008 demonstration against Schwarzenegger's elimination of the Renter's Rebate. The largest of Schwarzenegger's personal line-item vetoes after the budget had been settled with the legislature, this program had existed for decades to give hundreds of thousands of California's poorest seniors and disabled people a few hundred dollars per year to help buy food, medicine, or maybe even a Christmas present for their children. SSI and SSDI recipients have already lost a $200 cost of living adjustment. Medicare-MediCal recipients have lost $96 in assistance for Medicare Part B premiums. Read more from BeyondChron. More from Senior Action Network. See videos of this demonstration. See earlier demonstration against state cuts.

Fighting Cuts in MediCal Services
San Francisco, Feb. 18, 2009. Over 200 people protested California’s renewed attempt to make a 10% cut in payments to doctors, pharmacies, clinics, dentists, and adult day health centers that provide care for Medi-Cal patients.  Dozens of patients, many in wheelchairs, gave moving testimony that the cuts would either kill them or destroy their quality of life.  Read more.
More posts

Lifetime Attorney-Activist Lynne Stewart is back in jail.
Free Lynne Stewart!

Gray Panthers Sit-In at Pelosi's office for single-payer

Medicare is endangered by healthcare "reform" that's based on private insurance.  Single Payer Now!

Why Afghanistan? It's pipelines, not terrorism.

SF Gray Panthers activities over past 6 months

Should we endorse a National Health Service?

These Medi-Cal Benefits are NOT Optional!

SF and national Gray Panthers join Immigrant Rights groups to demand end to Homeland Security's 287(g) program and its racial profiling

Governor's line-item cuts devastate State's healthcare and human services on top of murderous budget

Mumia Abu Jamal on the victory of the SF 8

Victory for SF8! DA admits it: Insufficient Evidence!

Gray Panthers letter in Daily Planet: The War on Medi-Cal

Conditions in Gavin Newsom's Homeless Shelters.

Cutting Fat: Huge growth in SF's high-pay managers;
10% salary cut could free up millions for needed services.

Update on State budget fight and cuts for seniors, children, people with disabilities, and low-income workers

SF tells HHS's Kathleen Sebelius, "Stop fronting for private insurance! Single Payer Now!"  --  TV coverage

New GP Leaflet: Health Care and Human Services are Human Rights. We Need a Fair San Francisco Budget!

Stopping these corporate tax giveaways could restore the State's health, education, welfare, and park cuts.

Budget Justice Rally Rocks SF City Hall

Cost containment has replaced concern for the uninsured in driving healthcare restructuring. What does this imply?

San Francisco's corporate and individual wealth is enough to pay for the vital services the City wants to cut.

Where should they cut the San Francisco budget?

Newsom's SF City Budget figures don't add up

SF Rally: Nancy Pelosi, Put Single Payer on the table!

On Dr. Tiller's murder, a Gray Panther recalls her experience defending a clinic.

On Proposition 8 and Gay Marriage

Listen to "Dismantling the New Deal in California," KPFA's May 28th Special program on the California Budget

Brutal Schwarzenegger Health Cuts Floated

David Binder poll shows Californians oppose a cuts-only budget (p. 7) , oppose health and home care cuts (p.10), support a variety of revenue-generating measures (p. 9)

Stop CPMC's plans to strangle St. Luke's Hospital, gentrify it medical facilities, and abandon skilled nursing care.

California's Cavernous Corporate Loopholes

Norman Solomon Remarks on Obama's First 100 Days

Budgets and Ballot Propositions that Kill

NO on Prop 1A, the Suicidal Spending Cap on the May 19 Special Election

Mayor Newsom's approach to SF budget crisis is to shred the social safety net

SF Gray Panthers meeting on fighting the State and City budget cuts

San Francisco Demonstration: Stop Medi-Cal Cuts

SF Gray Panthers report to state-wide Gray Panthers meeting 

SF Gray Panthers letter to Obama

Support Gray Panther friend Dee Allen, arrested for protesting the racist and xenophobic Minutemen.

FLASH! Students shut down ICE operations in San Francisco, police shut down BART stations to try to prevent action.

SF Youth Commission passes resolution to restore Sanctuary City protections for immigrant youth

Report on Gray Panthers National Convention in Detroit

Enraged California Seniors Demand Restoration of State Programs

Gray Panthers Resolution against Efforts to Privatize Social Security, Pensions, Medicare and Medicaid

No to the Bailout!

What Happened to Sanctuary City, Attacks on Immigrants and Youth in the US and SF

Gray Panthers and others' suit against 10% cuts to Medi-Cal providers wins a round in court

Read the resolutions we have submitted to the Sept 2008 National Gray Panthers Convention on:
Human Rights,  the Patriot Act,  Media Reform,  Single Payer Healthcare, Medicare Modernization Act, Immigration, and Mumia.

June 19: Healthcare YES! Insurance Companies No! Protest at national health insurance convention in San Francisco.

Save Rent Control in California: NO on Prop 98, YES on Prop 99!

Taxes: We Can't Afford the Rich!

The Savage Bush Budget

California, Cutting to the Bone

Support anti-racist latin and black carpenters fighting AIMCO's racism at Bayview Hunters Point

Say NO! to the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007"

Youth need jobs, education, housing, medical care and recreation!  NOT GANG INJUNCTIONS!

Free the Jena 6, No Jim-Crow Justice for Youth

Support the SF8, on trial based on police torture.

No Justice, No Peace! US Out of the Middle-East!

Hunters Point Shipyard: its toxic history and polluted present

A talk on Eleanor Roosevelt's relations with the labor movement

A birthday message from Leonard Peltier

August 8th Demo: Healthcare YES! Insurance Companies NO!

Reclaim and Strengthen Medicare, Health Care for All

Video Available: "Privatize Medicare? NO WAY!" We want Equal, Comprehensive, Low-Cost Healthcare for All

April 14 2007 SF Gray Panthers Quarterly Report on Activities

SF Gray Panthers Resolution on Immigration, April 14, 2007

The 2003 Medicare Modernization Act Threatens Medicare Recipients and Medicare itself.

A Progressive Platform for the US, we want a NEW New Deal!

SF Gray Panthers Statement on Immigration

Senate Bill S 2611 (immigration) and commentary

Gray Panthers at May Day march for immigrant rights and solidarity

Gray Panthers at March 27 and April 10 Immigrant Right Marches

Visit the Gray Panthers Medicare Part D Project website

SF Gray Panther Statement on Hurricane Katrina

Read the People's Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition's flyer on Justice After Katrina

How Can We Survive Medicare Drug "Benefits"?

Download a petition to scrap the Medicare Modernization Act

Feb 14, 2007 demo, Feinstein, Don't Cut the Heart out of Social Security.

Jan 18, 2005 demo, HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY! in SF

Jan 26, 2005 Hands Off Social Security demo at Charles Schwab

May 10, 2005 Hands Off Social Security demo in Stockton

Reports on Global Economic and Military Issues

SF Gray Panthers Position on Laguna Honda Hospital

"Witchhunt at Lodi"


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