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On May 3rd, The Unitarian-Universalist Forum and the SF Gray Panthers presented noted media critic and anti-war activist Norman Solomon, giving his take on Obama’s presidency.

It is now about 100 days since Barak Obama took office, and about 150 days since he was elected and started assembling his administration.  It is appropriate to review this period to assess what he has done, and what he is likely to do. Although he inspired millions in his campaign suggesting profound change, important and troubling questions loom in a number of areas, including:

 War - his plans for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, & Iraq,

The economy - pouring money into the financial sector in preference to direct job creation and rebuilding infrastructure, housing, schools, etc.,

Healthcare - not considering Single Payer or universal healthcare,

Civil liberties - military tribunals, renditions, detentions without charges, and not holding the architects of torture accountable,

Immigration -  continuing raids, deportations, and border militarization; uncertain plans for legalization.

We are also faced with other important questions, including:

Do we measure Obama’s past and future performance against the yardstick of what is politically possible for a US president in 2009?  

Or do we measure Obama’s past and future performance against the yardstick of what our needs and aspirations are?

Finally, what kind of movement would it take to assure a positive outcome to the challenges of war, the economy, healthcare, civil liberties, and immigration?

The SF Gray Panthers invites you to participate in a discussion of these issues. Please come. You do NOT have to have attended Norman Solomon’s talk. The discussion will be:

        Tuesday, May 19, 12:30 PM
        Unitarian-Universalist Center
        1187 Franklin St. (at Geary) SF
        Fireside Room

Please call 415-552-8800 or e-mail for more information.

Read about Norman Solomon.

Read what Norman Solomon said at the May 3 program.

Hear a August 2008 debate between Norman Solomon and Larry Everest on the significance of an Obama presidency. (From KPFA's Flashpoints, debate starts 25 minutes into the program.)

Amy Goodman, Sean Gonsalves, Robert Scheer, Norman Solomon, and David Sirota offer advice to the newly-elected President Obama.



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