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SF Supervisors are considering implementing SB-1045, a conservatorship program for involuntary detention and treatment of homeless people with mental and substance abuse problems and frequent police-initiated 5150 3-day psych holds. San Francisco passed Prop C to supply real supportive housing and mental health services for all who need them. Let's do that before talking about detaining the homeless.    Read more about the issue here and here.  Read 48 Hills on this. Persons concerned with potential public health threats of this ordinance can sign a petition of opposition here.

 Read new Truthout article on SB 1045 conservatorship and nationwide drive to strip homeless people of their autonomy.   Read the SF Weekly article Mental Health, Homelessness, and Civil Rights: SF's Crisis of Conscience.   Read more about 5150 psych holds and how they relate to SB 1045 conservatorship.   Read SF Examiner on how Sen. Wiener's housing bill (SB50) and his conservatorship bill (SB40) work together to attack poor SF residents.  SF Examiner piece shows how Wiener's conservatorship plan and his housing plan work together to gentrify the City and attack the resulting homeless people.  

NEW: Now Sen. Weiner is sponsoring new State legislation, SB-40, to remove the very same SB1045 protective clauses that its proponents say make it safe for San Francisco!  Read more here.   Read SEIU-California's Letter of Opposition to SB40, with great references on why forced mental health and substance abuse treatment does not work.



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