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The SF Gray Panthers monthly Newsletter is written, edited, and produced
by our members and reflects our members' values and interests. (See About Us)
(Also see most recent printed Newsletter or an archive of on-line editions.)

None of us have ever been professional journalists, or writers.
We're brought together by our different interests and our desire for a better world.

We welcome new people and ideas. We're friendly and pretty informal.
We invite you to join us to help write articles on subjects you're interested in,
or to help edit and put together the newsletter, or help print and mail it.

It's interesting. It's fun. And we take it seriously. (But not too seriously!)







Newsletter Committee members can work at home or at the office or both.
Newsletter Committee members can work in any, or all, of our activities.

People suggest articles they would like to write, or are asked to write articles.
Typical articles are written at home and are a half-column to a full column in length (185 to 370 words).

We also meet at the office 2-3 afternoons per month.

The first meeting is the first Thursday of the month at noon,
where we review articles people have given us
and agree to write other articles that we want for the upcoming edition.

Two to three weeks later we meet at noon on Thursday and Friday
to minimally edit and lay out the articles, and print and mail the newsletter.

Computer knowledge is helpful, especially MS Publisher.
Most of our members do not know Publisher
yet still work together in figuring out the layout and look of each edition.
It's a very collaborative effort, and very satisfying.

Please leave a message at the office if you are interested.
415-552-8800 or e-mail

SF Gray Panthers,  2940 16th St.,  San Francisco CA 94103
Phone: 415-552-8800
e-mail:, web:

How to get to the office.